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In cricket there are currently 11 ways to get "out". The most recognizable is when the ball strikes the stumps and the bails are dislodged from the stumps. The ball can hit the stumps but if the bails are not dislodged then the player is not out. the hit can be delivered directly by the bowler, called bowled out or an out feilder can throw the ball and hit the stumps before the players bat is in contact with the ground inside the crease. If i nthe act of attempting a run it is called run out. If the batsman is merely outside the crease in the act of attempting a shot for example it is called being stumped. If the batsman makes contact with the ball and it strikes his stumps he has played on. If the facing batsman strikes the ball and it strikes the non facing batsmans stumps and he is outside the crease the non facing batsman is not out unless the ball strikes another player before striking the stumps.

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For a wicket keeper to run a batsman out, they must touch the wicket with either the ball, or with the wicket keeping gloves providing the ball is safely held within the glove, the ball itself does not need to actually make contact with the wicket but it must be in control of the wicket keeper for the bales to be knocked off before the batsman gets back into his crease.

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no because that is obstuction and you will be given out any way

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Q: Do you have to hit the ball on the stump or can you hit the wickets with your wicket keepting gloves when you are trying to get a run out?
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