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no but it is harder to skate with some shoes such as shoes with no grip


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Q: Do you have to have a certain shoe to skateboard?
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Is DC hats for black people?

It's a skater line. You can usually check on DC shoe box and it'll say skateboard gear or "Boys skateboard shoe."

Is the shoe company Vans a skateboard sponser?

They are a skateboard company but not technically a sponser of the sport skateboarding.

What size skateboard for a shoe size 8?

Doesn't matter

What size skateboard should you get if you wear a size 9 shoe?


How big is a normal skateboard?

The length of a skateboard is farely standard, about 30 to 32 in. The width, however, depends on the height, shoe size, and preference of the skater

Where can you find osiris shoes?

You can find them at shoe stores and nice skateboard stores.

What is a good skateboard size for some with a size 13 shoe?

anything that is 8 or over

What size skateboard should you use if your shoe size is 8?

a size 7.6/ 7.75

Do you need Vans to do any tricks on a Skateboard?

Ummm....type of shoe does not really matter. What matters really is your skill with a skateboard. Asking "Do you need Vans to do any tricks on a skateboard" is like asking "Do you need a ladder to clean a toilet?" It is completely irrelevant and the answer to both is "No."

Is a 7.63 a good skateboard size for a 13 yr old who's shoe size is 9?

no not really

How old do you have to be to get a skate board?

you dont have to be a certain age to get a skateboard.

What shoes should you wear if you are a tomboy?

you should wear Nike or skateboard shoe they will look great. I am a tomboy too and I all ways wear those shoe and it make me feel great.

What size skateboard for a size 7 shoe?

I thing it's width sould be 7 in and height sould be 25 in.

How do you know your skateboard size?

it depends on your shoe size and how comfortable you feel doing tricks or just riding around on the board.

How do pro skaters use math?

In geometry. You have to hit the board in certain areas with a amount of power and then what you do with your foot to make the skateboard do a certain trick.

Do you need a certain skateboard to do ollys?

no. any board will do. as long as its got a nose or a tail on it then it can do ollies

Size 13 shoe what size skateboard should you use?

If you street skate then you should get a 7.75 but if you are more of a vert person you should at least get a 8.

What is a good skateboard size for a 13 yr old who's shoe size is a 9 in UK mens?

Just buy and 8.0 Waldemar board.

What brands of shoes specialize in boys skateboard shoes?

There are several popular brands of boys skateboard shoes. The most well-known include DC Shoes, Globe Kids, and Circa. Other athletic shoe companies such as ADIDAS and Nike also make skateboarding shoes.

How do you snap a shoe lace by doing tricks on a skateboard?

You might do a kick-flip and your lace could get caught in the trucks and if the board is flipping fast enough then it could snap.

Where are you use double shoe brake?

A double action brake shoe comprising a shoe, a lining and an oscillator material as main components which function respectively as a reinforcing body of the brake shoe, a brake material and as a generator of certain vibration frequency when the shoe is applied to a hub. The lining is attached on the surface of the brake shoe and oscillator material is inserted between the shoe and the lining.

What was Mark Johnson most known for?

Mark Johnson is most known for being a professional skateboarder. He has founded a skateboard company called "Enjoi" and also has signature shoe models.

What shoe or shoe brand works best for parkour?

Each type of shoe will offer certain benefits; softer landings, more ankle support, etc. However, there is no "best" shoe for parkour; parkour is about the movements, and if you can properly do the movements; shoes are not that big of an importance.

Does it look right to skateboard in size 12 shoe if you are 14?

You cant do anything about it anyway. Who actually will care if you have big feet for your age? And if anyone does then they are silly and dont take any notice.

Why does my garage door opener close then open the door?

Something may be preventing the garage door from closing all the way (like a skateboard, shoe, anything). If that is not the case, then you may have a problem with the hardware.