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Q: Do you have to go to highschool to go to the nba?
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What college did Dwight Howard attend?

Dwight Howard didn't go to college he went straight to the nba after highschool

Can you go to the nba out of high school?

No it use to be that way not anymore it has to be 1 year after you graduated highschool in order to join

Did Kobe Bryant finish highschool?

no he went to the nba at 17

What college did Kevin Garnett attend?

he didnt he came straight out of highschool to the NBA

How many pounds does a basketball weigh?

It depends on whether the ball is NBA sized, WNBA sized or Highschool and Middle school. It depends on whether the ball is NBA sized, WNBA sized or Highschool and Middle school.

Where did Taylor Swift go to highschool?

Hendersonville Highschool in Nashville

Where did George Washington go to highschool?

he went to washington highschool

What year was kobe bryant drafted in the nba?

In 1996. He was the first guard to be drafted out of highschool

What does it take to get into the NBA?

If your a good college basketball player (or on rare occasion high school), NBA teams will look at you and can draft you in the NBA draft (when all the NBA teams pick players from college or highschool).

Where does Justin bieber go to highschool?

wow. he doenst go to highschool. hes sorta home schooled.

If you are 19 yeas old and finished high school where do you have to go if you want to be a nba player?

Well first your 19 and just finished highschool go to a college and get on their team then play and then go to summer circuit were you play and invited to a nba training camp and then hopefully dont get cut then get drafted hopefully

Did Kobe make good grades in school?

Kobe got good grades and did very good on the Sat's which aloud him to go straight to the NBA out of highschool. This lockout sucks.

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