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No. There are many ways to win a Chess game; checkmate, resignation, disqualification, and if the game is timed, you can win by your opponent's clock reaching zero.

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Q: Do you have to get check mate to win a game of chess?
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How do you win chess check or check mate?


What is it called when you win a chess game in 4 moves?

It is called the Scholar's Mate also known as four move check mate

How do you win at chess in 1 go?

It is impossible but funny we can do check mate by moving one step

Can you win at chess by having 3 checks?

The wins in a game that are made by 3 checks are mate in 3. A player does not win simply by putting the opponent in check a specific number of times.

How do you win a chess game?

You have to move your player so that your partners KING isin a place where you can capture it. This is called CHECK MATE. If the the other player is unable to protect its king by the time it is your turn, you win!!!

What is the fastest way to win in chess?

The 'Fool's mate' is the fastest way to get a checkmate in chess.

What is game in 2 in chess?

Game in 2 is the quicket way to win a game of chess. The best example is: 1.f3,e5 2.g4, Qh4# This is also called Fool's Mate.

How do you win a game of chess in two moves?

'Fool's Mate' ; '''1.''' f3 e5 '''2.''' g4 Qh4#

How can you win at chess?

The objective of chess is to take the king to win the game(war).

How do you win at chess?

To win a game of chess, you must CheckMate your opponent's King. This means you must get to a position in which you are attacking his King (putting him in check) and the King can not escape. --CM

What happens if you don't say check mate in chess?

Nothing happens. You still win. It is checkmate because their king is in check and they are out of moves to protect the king or move it out of check. Actually saying it is virtually the equivalent of saying "I win"

What is the fewest moves a person can make to win the game of chess?

"Fool's Mate : 1. f3 e5 2. g4 Qh4#

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