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No. If you have the talent to play pro ball nobody is ever going to ask for your high school diploma or GED. However, you will likely wish you had one someday.

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Q: Do you have to finish high school to play pro baseball?
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Can a baseball player play high school and still play in a league?

No. IF you are on a high school baseball team you can have nothing to do with your travel baseball team until the high school season has ended.

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Theo Epstein did play high school baseball. He graduated from Brookline High School in 1991 after playing ball for the Brookline High School Warriors.

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High school

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Can your son play baseball if you inter-district transfer to another high school?

can my son play varsity baseball he is in a school not in his living area

Do you have to have a high school diploma to play Major League Baseball?

Yes; but you do not have to go to college; you can get drafted as soon as you're out of high school.

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If you dont play high school baseball can you play baseball in college?

yes of course. But the college will need to see you play in a game though.