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You don't have to be any height to play Basketball, anyone can!

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โˆ™ 2012-10-21 20:31:10
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Q: Do you have to be tall to play basketball?
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Many tall people play basketball well?

Yes, tall people can play basketball well.

How tall do you have to be to play basketball?

There is no height requirement for basketball.

Do you have to be tall to play in high school basketball?

You don't have to be any height to play in high school basketball, or any basketball.

How tall do you have to be to play proffesional basketball?

There is no Certain height to play professional basketball. If you have the skill and heart to play the game then you can do it.

Why people who play basketball grow taller?

They don't. They play basketball in the first place because they are tall

How tall do you have to be to play college basketball?

At least 6 feet tall

What sport do the tall blacks play?


How tall does a room need to be to play full court basketball?

30 feet

Why did LeBron James play basketball?

because he was tall and amazing at it...

How tall do you need to be to play in the NBA?

it does not matter how tall are you are you just have to have good grades and be good at basketball

Does basketball make you so tall?

No, not necessarily. By stretching you can become taller though. But even to play basketball, you dont have to be tall. Theres still point gaurd! :]

How tall do you have to be to play professinal basketball?

There is no height limit. You can be any height and be able to play professionally.

Why do mainly tall people play basketball?

tall people play baseketball because they have an advantage being tall so they can reach the net easier and make a shot

What is a sport for tall African-Americans?

African Americans can play any sport they please. They can play basketball, football, golf, tennis, etc. There is no specific sport, but because they are tall, basketball would be a good choice.

How tall is the rapper 2 chainz?

He is 6'5. He used to play basketball too.

How do you use generalisation in a sentence?

It is a generalization to say that tall people can play basketball well when, in fact, you need to be able to play well and if you're tall it is an advantage.

What position do you play in basketball?

I play as a power forward. I am 5'7 and that's pretty tall for a girl, but just not tall enough to be a center. The center on my team is 5'9.

Why do basketball players grow so tall?

it's not basketball players being tall, it's tall people playing basketball

What are common stereotypes about the tall?

they wuld think dat you wuld play basketball!!!DUHHHH

Can i grow my hide by playing basketball?

yes, u can grow your height by playing basketball. mostly, u must have seen people who play basketball are tall and fit. this is because basketball includes jumps.

How tall are you going to grow am 16 years old you play basketball you are 179Cm how tall you are going to grow in 1 year?

well it all depends how tall your family is

How tall is Jerome Tyson what team does he play on that team does he play on?

I believe you mean Jerome Dyson* and he plays on UCONN basketball and is 6'4"

Where the orioles play basketball?

They don't play basketball, they play baseball.

Can pandas play basketball?

I think they can play basketball

Do they play basketball in Mexico?

Well in Mexico,Basketball is the sport that they least play but yes they do play Basketball in Mexico.