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You should be be a Italian born citizen , to play for Italy.

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Q: Do you have to be Italian to play on the Italian team?
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How do you play in the Italian soccer team?

You must be an Italian born citizen

Which footballers play for the Italian football team?

why do you not answer questions

What team does david beckham play for 2009?

Italian team AC Milan

Is padova an Italian soccer team?

Calcio Padova is an Italian football team who play in Serie C1. The last played in Serie A in 1996.

Where do the soccer team Atalanta play?

They play in the Italian league, first division. (Serie A).

What Italian team does Andrea pirlo currently play for?

Ac millan

What Italian football team did fabio capello play for?

It was for A.C. Milan.

Where do the Italian rugby team play their internationals?

Stadio Flaminio in Rome

What is Italy's soccer team and uniform?

The Italian soccer team are sometimes referred to as the Azzurri. They usually play in a dark blue.

What team did Brandon jennings play for before Milwaukee bucks?

Lottomatica Roma of the Italian Lega A.

Do Italians play cricket?

It is not a popular sport in Italy, but there is an Italian international cricket team.

What colours are the Italian rugby uniform?

The Italian rugby team are sometimes referred to as the Azzurri, like other Italian sports teams. Also like other Italian sports teams, they usually play in blue.