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No you do not have to be born in a country to play in the national team. If you stay in a country for a few years you are eligible for the passport and play. he Brazilian Deco, Pepe and Eduardo are examples all are born Brazilians but play for Portugal, Spain and Croatia.

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No you don't but nearly every English played does play in England. The England 3ed goal keeper for the Euro plays in the championship it's an English league but not the prem.


To qualify to play for the England national team one must have at least one English grandparent. British Citizens from Commonwealth nations may qualify for any of the Home Nations (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland), as was the case for England International winger John Barnes, who was Jamaican.

Which club they play for is not a factor, although of course a player is more likely to be spotted and selected if he plays in Britain or a major European club.

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yes you do or have an English passport to play for England football team

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After the manager has brang out the Oranges.

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Q: Do you have to be English to play for England football team?
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