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No, sorry.

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Q: Do you have the 1963 football roster for Wharton Junior College Football team?
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When was Wharton County Junior College created?

Wharton County Junior College was created in 1946.

Is there a Junior Varsity Football team in College?

no there isnt

Where did stone cold go to collage?

Austin got a football scholarship at Wharton County Junior College, followed by a full scholarship at North Texas State University

Where did Luke Conley play college football?

Allan Hancock Junior College

Is it to late to play junior college football after being at a junior college that didnt have football?

As long as you are a student you can play or at least try out. So you would have to transfer and talk to the coaches

Are there any Junior college football teams in the state of Ohio?


What are the benefits of junior high football?

It can get you ready for high school football then ready for college than ready fro professional.

I am looking for the schedule for Hope College Junior Varsity football team?

Go to Hope College, Athletics, Football. On the home page for football, under the captains pictures, is the JV schedule for 2008.

Can college sophomore football players enter the draft?

no. You must be a junior or senior

Is a youth football bigger than a junior football?

Yes, a youth is bigger than a junior.

When was Canadian Junior Football League created?

Canadian Junior Football League was created in 1890.

Can you play junior college football if you never played high school football?

Yes. Any athlete can walk on in Junior College, NCAA and NFL to try out. If they are selected based on ability to perform the assigned roles they will suit up. An example of a football player (NFL example) with very little football experience (was a brusing basketball player in college) is Antonio Gates for San Diego.

Where did Junior Seau attend college?

The former NFL Football star Junior Seau attended the University of Southern California.

What education do you need to be a pro football player?

you just have to complete 3 years of college, including junior college

If you commit to play football at a junior college level can you still play at a division 1?


How many years did Marshall Faulk play in college football?

He left SDSU after his junior year.

How many junior college football players are in the NFL?

Somewhere int the neighborhood of 115-120

Are a junior football and high school football the same?

no becous junior belongs to the feeders teams while high school football belongs to the main team

When was Junior Professional Football Club created?

Junior Professional Football Club was created on 1980-03-19.

What size is a youth football?

In my league (Sierra Youth Football & Cheer): Mighty Mites: pee wee size football Jr Pee Wee: junior size football Pee Wee: junior size football Jr Midget: youth size football Midget: youth size football

What is Canadian Junior Football League's motto?

The motto of Canadian Junior Football League is 'A Canadian Tradition Since 1890'.

How many football fields are there in America?

Every junior high school, high school, and college that plays interscholastic football has their own football field. That would put the number of football fields in America up into the thousands, probably the tens of thousands.

What is the PAC-10's all time win-loss record in College football?

junior wright

How many football colleges are there?

There are 119 NCAA Division 1-A football schools and 109 Division 1-AA football schools. There about 200 Division II and 200 Division III football schools and about 75 NAIA football schools. That makes around 700 and that doesn't include junior college football.

How much does a junior football weigh?

There are different size footballs for different levels of experience and players. For instance a professional football is going to be smaller then a junior one. A junior football weighs approximately 14 ounces.