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Q: Do you have a team picture of the 1970 Baltimore Colts?
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What is the value of a team signed Baltimore Colts football from the entire 1970 Championship Team?

Probably Alot

How did indiapolis colts get their team name?

When the Indianapolis Colts where in Baltimore, a contest was held to name the team, and the winner of the contest chose "Colts."

When Baltimore get the ravens football team?

1996, Baltimore used to have the Colts.

Who was the first team to have a NFL cheerleading team?

The Baltimore Colts.

What team won the 1971 Super Bowl?

Baltimore Coltsthe Baltimore colts won the 1971 super bowl.

What is the value of a autographed football from the 1964 Baltimore colts?

autograghed football Baltimore colts 1964 by johnny unitas and team

How did the Baltimore colts get there name?

There was a name the team competition, and the winner decided on "Colts."

Were the Indianapolis Colts ever the Jacksonville colts?

No, they were the Baltimore Colts from 1953 until 1983. They won the Super Bowl in 1970 and their best known player was probably Johnny Unitas, the quarterback. The Jacksonville NFL team is the Jaguars.

What was Indianapolis before the colts?

Before the Colts moved to Indianapolis from Baltimore, they did not have an NFL team.

What was the first football team in Baltimore?

The Baltimore Colts was the first NFL team in Baltimore. They were "in business" (for the lack of a better term) from 1953-1983.

What city did the colts football team originate in?


What team drafted John Elway?

Baltimore colts

When did the colts became a team?

In 1953. They joined the league as the Baltimore Colts and moved to Indianapolis in 1984.

Where did the new team come from after the colts left Baltimore?

The Baltimore Ravens were the former Cleveland Browns

What team won the fifth Super Bowl?

Baltimore Colts.

Who did the NFL originally ask to be America's team?

Baltimore Colts

Which NFL team had the first cheerleading squad?

Baltimore Colts

What NFL team draft burt Reynolds?

The Baltimore Colts.

What was the original NFL team in Indianapolis?

There was not an NFL team there until the Colts moved from Baltimore.

What years did the NFL Baltimore team go to Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLII, the Baltimore Colts played in Super Bowls III (1968 season) and V (1970 season) and the Baltimore Ravens played in Super Bowl XXXV (2000 season).

When did The Steelers become an AFC team?

1970. They joined the AFC, along with the Baltimore Colts and Cleveland Browns, when the AFL and NFL merged after the 1969 season and Super Bowl IV.

What football team had the first cheerleading squad in the NFL?

Baltimore colts

Who was the First pro football team to have cheerleaders on the field?

Baltimore Colts

When did the Baltimore Colts become a team?

In 1953, but then relocated to Indianapolis in 1984.

Which AFC team won Super Bowl first?

Baltimore Colts