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Q: Do you have a principal named David Neering?
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Actress Victoria Principal is the daughter of Victor Principal, after whom she was named.

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The cast of Ken - 2007 includes: Tom Neering

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What is David Geffen's occupation?

Principal, DreamWorks SKG

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Dr. David Renolds

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Jacob Dinnan (17) and Janelle Neering(16) were 2 teens that were instantly killed when Janelle lost control of the car and crashed into a group of trees. The reason how she had the car is that her parents left her home and they went to a casino and left her with her stepmom's car keys (Sheryl Neering). how do i know this? i was Janelle's sister Hayley.she is now resting in peace and taking care of my grampa who just died July 9,2009. REST IN PEACE JANELLE AND JACOB!! WE LOVE YOU BOTH 4 EVER! NEVER GIVE UP! KEEP GOING, BE STRONG! IN LOVING MEMORY Jacob Dinnan 1990-2007 Janelle Neering 1990-2007 Both of these wonderful teens died March 28,2007 R.I.P. you too!

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