Do you hate Michael Vick

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Michael Vick fought his pit bulls. If they did not perform to his satisfaction he would kill them by electrocution or drowning. He was the vicious one. He did this knowing that dog fighting was illegal. This was done on his property and he was the one sponsoring the fights. He was just sentenced to a measly 23 months in prison, in my opinion this is not nearly long enough.

He fought pitbulls... one reason I hate him. He KILLED them by terrible deaths. He would soak them with a hose, hang them up, and electrocute them. He drowned them, shoved them in water and wouldn't let them go. He hung them and shot them. He took them by the legs and arms and slammed them down on concrete until the die. WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD DO THAT?!

He did this... did not take it back and made excuses for people to accept him back. I hate excuses. Especially his. Some of them were like, "I didn't know what I was doing, I didn't think." OFCOURSE you thought about it when you did this! Shut up Vick.

Then with his money he had LESS time in prison! Oh my gosh, I hate him! I say... I say we should drown him, electrocute him, shoot him, slam with down on conrete, and hang him. Just so he can feel the pain of his poor dogs. The hundreds of dogs he killed.

I will not forgive Michael Vick until those dogs do. But wait... they can't. They're dead... thanks to that selfish stuck up NFL player.

I say he should never ever ever be let out of jail. Not only that, but he now has fans! I am so pissed.

(those 3 paragraphs are opinions... but I think they are what everyone should think. The first one was factual. )

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I would say no because he currently wants a dog of his own. He paid his time for it and now hes a better person.

He wants a dog so he does not hate dogs? How do you know he is not going to emotionally taunt and torture that dog? Controlling abusers do just that, pick on the defenseless. He paid his time for what? illegal dogfighting, tha is it. He is still the same personality, only sorry for having to cut his career for a couple of years and been embarrassed publically, not for personally and brutally killing unneeded dogs. He is a better person, wow! you must be some sensitive psychic!

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There are a number of people that hate Michael Vick for his past in dogfighting. Although he claims he has been reformed, many people are unable to forget what he did to his animals.

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Q: Do you hate Michael Vick
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