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Q: Do you get your money back if a Twins game gets rained out?
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Do you have to go to a rained out baseball game to get tickets for the next game or can you use the tickets for the rained out game to go to the rescheduled game?

you can use your rain out tickets the next game only if the ballclub says you can

When you delete a game from your Ipod touch do you get your money back?

no you do not get your money back if you delet a game from your ipod

Can a World Series game be rained out?


Is tonight's met game rained out?

the game plays well in microphones and consoles

What is the name of the kids game where you are two twins trying to get back to your parents?

The parent trap

What if you bought a game that costed a lot of money is there a way to return the game to get your money back?

NO you can not

Do you get your money back if you delete a app you paid for?

No, you do not get your money back if you delete an app you paid for. Once you bought it, you cannot get your money back.

Can a baseball World Series game be rained out?


If you buy a new game from Wal-Mart an it don't work and you take it back to them what can they do to the game?

they will neither exchange nor return the money back your money for that game.

Back up-with a sentence?

We have some back up activities planned in the gym if the baseball game is rained out. Do you have any empirical data to back up that theory? Dad called a plumber because the sink is backed up.

What happens if baseball game is rained out after sixth inning?

they will keep playing

How do you find the capsule on Toy Story 3 will game?

you take the game back to the shop and get your money back :)