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In the FIFA World Cup tournament and in many leagues, a player getting a red card will miss the rest of the match and also the next match. Some leagues suspend players for several games at a time for accumulating several red cards throughout a season.

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Q: Do you get suspended in soccer with a red card?
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What is a soccer red card?

it is a reprimand given to a player in sports such as soccer, rugby, gaelic, ect for committing a bad foul in the sport or for bad sportsmanship and can result in a player being suspended from a sport. When a ref shows a player the 'Red Card' he is sending him off, the player will not be allowed to take any further part in that game.

Do you get direct red card in soccer?


Can a player get a direct red card in soccer?


How do you get a red card in Stick Soccer?

chaeg at the player

Was there ever been a black card in soccer?

No only yellow and red cards are there in soccer.

How many red cards can a player get in a match of soccer?

Just one red card.

Who was the first player to be given a red card in a Scottish soccer game?


Who was the soccer player never received a red card?

Raul Gonzalez

What is the referees final warning to a player in soccer?

A red card, or ejection

What does the red flag mean in soccer?

Do you mean a red card? When a Referee gives someone a red card in a soccer match, that player is sent of for that match AND the following match. If a player gets 2 yellow cards in THE SAME MATCH, it is the same as getting a red card, and the player hasto leave the field for the match and cannot play for the following match.

What happens when you get two red cards in soccer?

In football(British word for soccer) a red card means you get sent off for the rest of the game! So if you get a red card at minute 2 then you cant come on for the rest of the game. The same happens if you get 2 yellow cards.

What colour cards are used in soccer?

The cards used in soccer (2) were the yellow card (warning) or red (sent off).