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Yes all players are paid a small amount compared to the real team.

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Q: Do you get paid at Manchester city football academy?
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Who is the highest paid player in Manchester City football club?


Who built the city of Manchester stadium?

Manchester city council and Sport England paid for the building of the city of Manchester stadium, it was constructed by John Laing.

Who is the highest paid football player in Spain?

He is the former Manchester star Christiano Ronaldo.

Who is the highest paid African football player in Europe 2012?

Yaya Toure at Manchester City. Thought to be in the region of £250,000 a week, though that is likely to be exaggerated a bit.

How much is Toure of arsenal paid?

Toure plays for Manchester City now.

What number is Manchester city football club on the list of richest football club in Europe?

Manchester city are not only the richest club in Europe they are the richest in the world if you take in we paid 14million pounds for a injury prone welsh striker and 18 million pound on nigel de jong who if we had waited for 6 months we would have signed him for 1.8 million

Players of Manchester city?

first team? starting 11? top paid players?

Who is the highest paid player in english football?

Wayne Rooney. He signed with Manchester United from Everton for £25.6 million and gets paid £190,000 a week.

Which play currently in the history of football earn most?

The highest bought footballer, still playing is Robhino of Brazil and Manchester City for 32.5 million pounds.So he could be the highest paid footballer.

Highest paid player in English premiership?

yaya toure of Manchester city gets paid £220,000 a week after joining from arsenal

Who is the highest paid person in the department of defense?

i heard a rumor it was the head football coach of the Air Force Academy.

Who is the highest paid in football?


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