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You get a varsity letter by playing at the varsity level in sports. Often your coach will set up standards for you to get it, such as: play in 10 games. You can also get a varsity letter for academics, and sometimes your school will hand them out for the fine arts too. Those will usually have standards too, like: get all A's for three years, or be in a fine arts class or marching band for three years, (something along those lines.) You do not have to be a certain age, (I'm a freshman and got a varsity letter in soccer and will get one in track.)

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Yes, you can receive a Varsity letter in Volleyball,

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I am pretty sure that you do, but it ultimately depends on the school you go to so check with your athletic director.

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Q: Do you get a varsity letter for each sport you do?
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How can you letter in a sport?

Lettering in a sport usually has to do with your High School years. If you letter in a sport that means that you played on the Varsity team and you remained on the team for that entire year. To letter you must play a varsity sport and usually at the end of the year most teams throw a banquet and your coach will hand you the initials of your school which is considered your letter, it is also what you put on letterman jackets in high school.

How do West Point Cadets earn a Varsity Letter?

Compete (and excel) in a high school sport.

What does letter mean in wrestling?

To "letter" in any sport is to complete a varsity season. This term is used because after the season is over a patch in the shape of the school's letter is given to the athlete.

What is it called to play a sport in college?

Varsity Athletics.

Can a Junior be cut from a sport if he doesn't make varsity?


CAN varsity cheerleader play a sport and be a cheerleader?

Well it depends on what sport you play i think you can do it with basketball

What do you do If you have varsity letters for two different schools?

1. you have to decide what high school you are at2. then you cant bring a letter over from one school to the other3. try to letter in the sport again

How do you make a varsity sport freshmen year?

you just have to be good at the sport you are trying out for and practice, practice, practice.

Varsity letter cross country?

You must be in the top 7 runners on your team to be on Varsity.

What is the definition of the word Varsity?

The word varsity is used to describe the beginning level of a sport. This is commonly used in high school sports. Usually freshman are the ones who are on the varsity team.

What sport does Miguel Espinoza play?

he is a varsity wrestler in northwesten high schoo

What sports did bill Clinton play in college?

Bill Clinton never played a varsity sport in high school or college. His favorite sport later in life and as president is Golf.