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Usaully, yes you do.

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Q: Do you get a receipt for the fees you paid to track and get a money order replaced?
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How do you track a Bank of America money order?

At the time of purchase you were provided with a receipt which has unique number sequences for tracking your Bank of America money order. Simply dial the number on the receipt, enter the numbers found on the tag, and follow the remaining prompts. From there you can determine whether or not the money order has been cashed.

How can one trace a stolen money order?

If you still have the receipt, the stub has a number that the issuing financial institution can use to track the money order. It is always a good idea to immediately write in the name of who is authorized to cash the money order.

How do you track a money order from allsups?

How do you track a money order from allsups

How to track a money order without receipt?

Money orders are often thought of as "good as cash" by banks around the U.S. If you purchased your money order through the Post Office, Western Union, or your bank, each has ways of tracking the money order through various means. You should check with the institution to find out what is required. If you purchased your money order through a retailer such as a grocery store or Walmart with a debit card, they can track your money order after between three and five days.

Can you track my money order?

They have the information you need to track it

How do you track Walmart money order?

There are a few things to do in order to track a Walmart money order. First you need to contact the number on the back provided when you purchased the money order. You will need to provide the account information and other specifics from the money order to have it tracked.

How long does it take to track down a money order?

To track down a money order a person should go to the post office, bank or wherever it was purchased to inquire about tracking. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to track the location of the money order.

How do you track a money order sent to a company to order merchandise?

it depends on how you bought the money order western union and money gram allow you to track the money order on their site... if you bought the money order from the USPS then you have to go to the post office and fill out a 6401 pay $5.20 then wait 60 days after the purchase date of the original money order

Can you track your USPS money order?

yes, after you send the money order, bank will offer you the transaction information. You need to track the payment with the transaction ID or something.

Track money order?

Contact the issuer of the money order and ask for them to trace the money order with the number that is on carbon copy or stub that came with the money order. the trace should tell you when and where the money order was cashed.

How do you say track a money order in spanish?

rastreando el giro

How can you track a money order?

Your Money Order has a tracking number on it(8-12 digits). The stub you had when you sent the money order. If you made a Money order payable to another person, you would have to go to the Bank or Financial Institution that the money order was obtained. Same goes if you made the money order payable to a Company to pay a bill. Try money gram or Western union online depending on where you bought it and you should be able to track it. Best of luck to you.