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you get one of your pawns to the other side of the board. then, you can take what ever piece you lost in the beginning. (besides a nother pawn)

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2011-05-28 01:08:19
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Q: Do you get a piece back when you take out a queen in chess?
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Can any chess piece take queen in legal move?

Yes, any piece can take a queen. The only time a King could do it is to get himself out of the queen's check.

What chess piece did Hermione take the place of in McGonagall's giant chess set?

Hermione took the Queen on McGonagall's giant chess set.

Can you take a queen with a rook in chess?

You may capture a queen with any piece, be it a rook, a pawn, or even a king.

What takes out what in chess?

its very simple, as long as your piece can "legally" take your oponents, it can take it. eg a pawn can take a queen, a pawn is the least desired piece and a queen is the most valuable.

Can you take queens in chess?

Yes, even the Queen, the most powerful piece on the chess board may be caprtured by any other piece, even the lowly pawn.

Can a queen take a queen in the game of chess?

Yes, any piece can take any other piece. ------------------- Actually - a King cant take a King because to get within one square the king would be putting himself in "check"

When you get a piece back where does it go in chess?

If you get a piece back by moving a pawn to the enemy's side it would originally take the place of the pawn, yet some people play (with modified rules) that the piece is taken back to the person's own side (the person that got across the board with the pawn). In professional chess (such as tournaments) plays in the way that if a pawn is to cross to the enemy's side, that pawn becomes a queen.

Can a pawn take anyother piece in chess?

The pawn has the power of capturing any chess piece .

Can the king knock out the queen in chess?

Yes. If the queen moves within one space of the king, the king is technically in check. If no other piece covers the space on which the queen rests, the king may take the queen to resolve the check. A king can only take the queen if the queen is opposite color of the king and the queen is not guarded by another piece.

Can a queen jump more than one space in chess?

A Queen can move more than one space, but it can never 'jump' an intervening piece. If the intervening piece is of the same colour, the Queen must halt her move on the preceding square. If the piece is an opponent's, the furthest she can go is to take the piece, stopping her move on that piece's square.

In chess if you are able to capture a piece can you choose whether to take it or not?

You do not have to take someone's piece if you choose not to.

When playing the game chess do you have to take an opponents piece?


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