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you shoot and arrow because if you notice you fire a gun it involves fire comming from gun powder. there is no fire when you shoot an arrow

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Q: Do you fire or shoot an arrow?
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How do you shoot a arrow from the bow in minecraft?

You hold the right mouse button down to draw the bow, release it to fire the arrow.

How do you make fire arrows minecraft?

You shoot and arrow throw lava and on the other side it will be on fire. you can also enchant it to make fire arrows which set mobs on fire.

When was Shoot a Crooked Arrow created?

Shoot a Crooked Arrow was created on 1966-09-07.

How do you get the canary fire arrow fish in fish tycoon?

You can breed: Golden Fire-Arrow+Orange Fruitfish=Oriental Fire-Arrow Wasp Grouper+Wasp Arrowfish=Wasp Fire-Arrow Oriental Fire-Arrow+Oriental Fire-Arrow=Canary Fire-Arrow

On the fire planet in poptropica in the maze half way through how do you get through the rest?

you need the ice arrow and flip the lever and shoot the ice arrow in the dragons mouth

How many axes must Odysseus fire his arrow?

he must shoot through the rings of twelve (12) axes in a row

What is another name for an arrow fired from a cross bow?

a BOLT is SHOT from a crossbow, you FIRE a GUN, you SHOOT a bow

Should you say Fire to shoot an arrow?

(shrugs) I think they used to do some sort of body gesture to signal the launching of arrows.

How do you beat the fire dragon in poptropica?

you climb the ropes and get behind it then click ice arrow in bottom left corner and shoot into his mouth.

Through how many axes must Odysseus fire his arrow?

he must shoot through the rings of twelve (12) axes in a row

In the hungry games catching fire why did Katniss shoot the coil to the sky at the end?

She shot the arrow in the sky to see where the dome ended.

What are the bad points of a fire arrow?

The arrow could catch on fire then you could catch on fire

How were the first to fire arrows?

You get the Fire Arrows at the platform near the warp pad at lake Hylia. Stand on the platform and shoot the MORNING sun with a normal arrow.

In poptropicas Astro Knights where do you shoot the arrow?

You shoot the arrow at the tower to the left then jump on the rope and go in the tower. hope this helps!!

Is it legal to shoot bow and arrow in Memphis Tn?

no you are not aloud to shoot

How do you shoot fire from your hand?

you cannot shoot fire from your hand.

Will a bent arrow shoot strait?


How did the Comanche use a bow and arrow?

they shoot the bow and arrow at animals and in wars

How do you get fire arrows the Legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

When your adult link and after you have completed the water temple head to lake lake hyrule on the island above the water temple is a tablet read it. Stand on the stone and shoot an arrow into the sun. (Use the sun song if its night.) Once you shoot an arrow into the sun, the fire arrows will fall from the sky and land on a nearby island.

What are arrow loops?

an arrow loop is a slit or hole used to shoot arrows through.

How was the bow and arrow first invented?

they saw a bow and they saw and arrow and decided to shoot it

What did Odysseus shoot with an arrow in Ithaca?

He shot the arrow through 12 axe heads

An archer uses a bow to shoot what?

An arrow.

Athletes shoot a bow and arrow?


Something you shoot that starts with letter A?