Do you cry easily

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Moriah Grady

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Think of something that makes you sad. Think about someone close to you dying, laying on their death bed, trying to get all of the energy out they can to say one last word to you. Think about something really messed up!! Something that makes you cry!!

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Mohamed Purdy

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2y ago
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Q: Do you cry easily
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Why do women cry more easily?

estrigen i think

How do you easily own a house?

well, if youre a colored you can cry oppression and get free $$$

Are there any idioms for the word sensitive?

Someone who is sensitive often cries easily. An idiom for crying easily is "cry at the drop of hat".

What is the meaning of balat sibuyas?

literally "onion-skinned".. very sensitive, easily made to cry

Why are they same people that cant cry?

We have tear ducts close to the eyes. If these ducts are not functioning properly, or there is not enough fluid being produced, a person cannot cry. Also, people need different stimulus to cry. Some cry easily, some hardly at all. It is also dependent on hormones.

Why did Paris cry when her dad died?

she just loved him so much and started crying, she is easily heartbroken

Is Roc royal sensitive?

Yes he is he said that he easily gets mad and cry and takes jokes seriously.

What does Crying Symbolize?

Crying symbolizes letting go, releasing the old path to open for a new path, water=renewal like when you shower you wash away the PAST dirt. I can't cry when somebody passes away, while I cry easily when watching sad movies. This is because, its harder to let go (cry) and start new (cry) when your not ready to leave.

Are guys okay with girls who don't cry very easily?

yes besides a guy doesnt like listening to a girl talking on and on

Mary Ainsworth observed that securely attached infants do what?

cry if the mother leaves the room, are easily soothed, and welcome her back when she returns

When was Cry Cry Cry created?

Cry Cry Cry was created on 1998-10-01.

How do you quit your part time job without crying?

I cry easily and especially when it's talking to someone of authority. Anyone know how to help?