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Yes. It should be Olympic Cycling Team.

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Q: Do you Capitalize all words in the phrase Olympic cycling team?
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What words do you capitalize in the phrase the old roman calendar?

It should be --- the old Roman cale ndar.

Do you capitalize the words cub scout when used in the phrase cub scout leader?

When you are referring to the organization, yes.

Do you capitalize day in Martin Luther King Jr day?

The phrase "Columbus Day" is the full name of a holiday. Therefore, both words should be capitalized.

I know you capitalize CPA but do you capitalize certified public accountant?

Acronyms are always capitalized to distinguish them from ordinary words in the sentence, this is most important when the acronym is a word (IE WHO- World Health Organization as opposed to 'who'). You do not capitalize the individual words when spelling out the phrase UNLESS it is a proper noun. World Health Organization is capitalized, certified public accountant is not, United Nations is, unidentified flying object is not.

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What words would you capitalize in the title catch me if you can?

I would capitalize all of them. Catch Me If You Can.

Do you capitalize words inside quotations?

In most quotations you should capitalize the first word and the other words necessary; as in any other regular sentence. There is no need to capitalize most words just because they are in quotations.

Figure out the missing words and type out the entire phrase 50 M in an O S P?

50 meters in an olympic swimming pool

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How do you capitalize hyphenated words?

The way you capitalize other words. If it's at the beginning of a sentence it should be capitalized. If it's not then it shouldn't be capitalized.

Should you capitalize Spelling Words?

no. you only need to capitalize it if it is a person or specific place.other than that spelling words should not be capitalized

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The only word you should capitalize is "A", at the beginning of the sentence. There are no proper nouns that would have to be capitalized.