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In most cases, yes. Most wrestlers come up with basic storylines and costumes. Then graphic artists and creative writers add details, but mostly the wrestlers do all the work, especially when they are starting out.

The way this works is that the wrestler creates his character for the most part. Sometimes the character is slightly adjusted by management to flow with a storyline. However, most wrestlers DO NOT get to control a Wrestling script! They might be able to put in some input but they do not create it! They only "act" it out! Now some wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and Stone Cold (there are a few others) get what is called "creative liberty" in which they control everything about their character. That means they get to choose what they do, who they beat, who they lose to, and all that. Wrestlers do get some say in what they do but not much.

Mr. Hounderz

I'ma pro wrestler and yes we have to come up with everything from our names to our finishing moves the hard part is thinking of a stage name finishing move theme songs and costume but with the wwe it is different the only thing that makes them good as the big wrestlers but they can never meet up to Australian wrestling we don't have people writing scripts or anything like the wwe does

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A lot of wrestlers do come up with their ownmaneuver's although some also use different moves themselves.

The stunner for instance was a move created by Johnny Ace ( John Laurinaitis ) and was predominately and most famously used by wrestlers including Stone Cold Steve Austin ( Stone Cold Stunner ) and Mikey Whipwreck ( Whipper-Snapper ).

A common misconception is that Hayes invented the Stone Cold Stunner for Steve Austin, who rose to stardom upon adopting the move in 1996. However, Hayes did teach Austin how to perform the move with someone else to demonstrate, as Austin detailed in his book, The Stone Cold Truth.

Therefore it is a strong mix of performers implementing a creating moves, as well as using moves that have already been set in the wrestling business.

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Q: Do wrestlers create their own moves?
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