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Typically not, but it is greatly desired that someone else does it.

But really, that's like asking if men like to suck their own penises.

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โˆ™ 2010-08-06 09:42:22
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Q: Do women like to suck their breast?
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Is it right to suck woman breast?

Yes it is alright to suck a women breasts as all do it.

Do women enjoy if a man suck thier breast?


Do guys like to suck breast?


How do you suck women breast for sexual arousle?

This question is self-explanatory really.

Do women wants big breast?

Some women think that big breast are considered sexy and so they would like to though of as sexy women.

Why does a boy like to suck on the nibble of a girls breast?

its so delicious

Is breast will grow due to breast suck?


Do men like women to suck their breasts?

yes they like it.

Do women enjoy if a man suck their breast?

yes, women enjoy sucking their breast by a man. Before sucking you just press the breasts for at least 10 min, sometimes stroking the nipple. Notice that the nipple hardens. when you press and stroke one breast , rotate your fingers to other breast for some time. When the women will arouse she will automatically insist let her breast sucked by the male partner. take one of the breast in full mouth , suck slowly , occasionally move the tongue around the nipple. At the same time press the nipple of other breast by your finger. Repeat the process to other breast likewise. Most women will reach to climax by doing this.

Is breast augmentation recommended if a woman would like to breastfeed in the future?

Breast augmentation is not recommended for women who would like to breast feed in the future. It has been found that women who have had breast augmentation are three time more likely to have difficulties with lactation as compared with women who have not had augmentation.

Can you breast feed your husband?

you can breast feed anything that can suck

How do you suck your breast?

by touching it

Why do teenage boys like to suck on a girls breast?

Because their moms won't let them.

Do women like breast smothering?


Why do guys like to suck on women's breasts?

Sometimes just because they find the breasts to be beautiful, and want to kiss and taste them, as others prefer to attend to the buttocks or the feet. (Also many women demand that you should suck their breasts.) Or sometimes because they have a psychological need to return to the breast, as in babyhood.

Can man suck woman breast?

If that is what both parties agree as being okay.....than yes a man can suck on a woman's breast.

Can a son suck a mother's breast?

It is appropriate for an infant to suck a mother's breast for nourishment. When the mother no longer provides milk, it is inappropriate.

Do women like to watch men suck men?


Why do boys like to suck the breast?

They want to feel sexual, and they could want some milk.

What items can suck breast?

my mouth

How many women die from breast cancer?

I would like to know many many women die from breast cancer a day in the USA

Men like sucking on breast?

Yes, men do like to suck on breasts. They get in the mood and they have to touch you in every way possible.

Is it good to suck womens breast?

It is good if both you and the woman like this. Babies suck on breasts all the time, so it is not unusual if a man wants to do that with his girlfriend.

How do you lick her breast?

You put your mouth on her boobs and you start to suck or lick the breast.

Do women like to suck on men's peniss?

It is scientifically proven that they like to cuz it is sexy!