Do water polo players wear caps?

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yes they caps to help them know where there teammates are

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Q: Do water polo players wear caps?
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Do water polo players wear protective cups?

no they do not wear cups...just speedos and caps

Why do water polo players wear those caps?

so that when they get hit in the ear, they dont damage their ears.

Why are the water polo players wearing bonnets?

Water polo players wear caps that protect their ears from injury if they get hit by a fast ball. The caps also help identify players and teams: The home team wears dark caps, away team wears light caps. Goalkeepers wear red caps. Each player also has a number on their cap to identify them like other sports feature on jerseys.

What does water polo players wear on top of their heads?

We wear caps, they have plastic ear guards to prevent your eardrums from popping if you were to get hit with a ball in the ear. there is also a number on the cap to ID players. You can google an image of a water polo cap

What is water polo paid with?

A special water polo ball, it is approximately the size of a football but has a special coating to allow grip when it is wet.Other equipment you need are * Swimming Pool: ideally 25m long and at least 2m deep * Caps: A water polo cap is used to protect the players' heads and ears, and to identify them. Home team field players wear numbered dark colored caps, or black caps. And visiting team field players wear White caps. Both starting goalkeepers wear (quartered) red caps, numbered "1" (substitute goalies caps are numbered either "13" or "15") in NCAA play or "13" for FINA international play. Caps are fitted with ear protectors. * Goals: Two goals are needed in order to play water polo. These can either be put on the side of the pool, or in the pool using floaters. * Swimwear: Male water polo players often wear swim briefs. Some players prefer to wear 2 briefs for more security during play. Female players must wear a one-piece swimsuit. Most of these suits do not have straps as normal suits, but are zipper-backed. * Mouthguard: The use of a mouthguard is recommended during to the extreme amount of contact envolved with water polo.

What do polo players wear?

The men waterpolo players wear a speedo and woman waterpolo players wear a full body costume .

What do water polo players wear?

Water polo players wear: * swimming trunks, though these are special rubberised trunks to prevent tearing and make it more difficult to hold onto * cap with ear defenders * mouth guard (optional) * box or cup (optional)

What caps do MLB players wear?

New Era 59fifty

Why don't college softball players wear caps anymore?

There isn't any reason, some team wear visors

Why do water polo players wear suits so low?

To prevent their opponent from grabbing it. The less there is...the lower it is...the harder it is to get a hold of. Suites worn by water polo players are typically (or at least they used to be) made out of a rubberized material (instead of nylon/ most suits). This makes them slippery and also harder to grab.

What colour cap does a water polo goalkeeper wear?


Why do players wear marine color ball caps instead of other arm forces colors?

I have no idea why

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