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Yes. The clock stops and teams are allowed to substitute players if they want. The referee will hold the ball until play is ready to start and then hand the ball to one of the players who is standing out of bounds so the player can throw the ball inbounds and start play again.

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Q: Do they stop the game in basketball if the ball is thrown ouside of the boundary?
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What ball is thrown farthest football baseball basketball?


Why was Cinderella thrown off the basketball team?

she ran away from the ball!

What is an air ball?

An air ball is, in the game of basketball, a thrown ball which misses the target and fails to touch the net or hoop, or, by extension, any ball which widely misses its target when thrown.

When is the potential energy of a basketball the greatest?

Right before it is thrown or right when it bounces

What ball will roll the fastest a basketball or a tennis ball?

If thrown at the same speed, a basketball. A basketball is heavier and will have momentum going with it while a tennis ball will have little momentum. A basketball will roll faster than most balls.

In what sport is the ball mostly thrown?

baseball, basketball and football....... one of these i guess

Why does basketball need forces?

Basketball needs forces so the ball is able to be thrown to the ring or another player.

Why is a bowling ball harder to lift than a basketball?

The bowling ball is a solid material and is intended to be tossed and rolled while the basketball is filled with air and is intended to be thrown, caught, and bounced. Because - a basketball is intended to be thrown from one person to another - a bowling ball is intended to be aimed at solid wooden pins !

Can a keeper pick up the ball if its thrown in?

If the ball was thrown-in by a teammate, no. If the ball was thrown-in by an opponent, yes.

Can you describe a bouncy ball?

It's a rubbery ball that bounces up when thrown, with force, down on a hard, supportable surface. Much like a basketball.

Why does bowling ball goes faster than basketball?

Rolled? Thrown? How heavy of a bowling ball? And the speed of a ball depends on how hard a person throws it. It is hard to answer such a general question.

How does gravity apply to basketball?

Gravity applies to basketball when a player shoots or passes the ball because, when the ball is thrown it with start to fall because of gravity. In conclusion if you are shooting far back you would aim higher because the ball would drop.

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