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yes volleyball is a known and loved sport all over the world. especially in englan!

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Q: Do they play volleyball in England?
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What countries besides the US play volleyball?

There are many countries play volleyball besides the US. I think almost all the countries play volleyball, but besides US, Japan, England, China and Canada also play volleyball~

What is the function of a volleyball?

You play volleyball with it!

What does a volleyball referee do?

play volleyball

How do you say volleyball in German?

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball

What is a volleyball court?

A volleyball court is a court where you play volleyball.

Why can't guys play volleyball?

Guys can play Volleyball, there is even a men's Olympic Volleyball team!

What are the facilities in volleyball?

You play volleyball in a gym....

Who likes to play volleyball?

volleyball players and people who like volleyball

What was the use of the volleyball?

You mean the ball, the volleyball? To play volleyball of course!

What are the two ways to play volleyball?

Beach Volleyball & simple Volleyball..

How do you say to play volleyball in Spanish?

to play volleyball is: jugar al voleibol.

Where would someone play volleyball in haiti?

They could play volleyball at the beach.

Will you get to play volleyball?

Anyone can play volleyball. Its a fun sport for all ages.

When did Multi Play Volleyball happen?

Multi Play Volleyball happened in 1994.

Who play volleyball?

I do!!

Are lines in play in volleyball?

In volleyball all lines are in

What is the playing court in volleyball?

The court that you play volleyball on

Would you like to play volleyball?

yeah volleyball is a blast its my favorite sport to play.

Which direction do you rotute when you play volleyball?

You rotate clockwise in volleyball.

How many people play on a volleyball court?

on one team 6 people play on a volleyball court but all together 12 people play on a volleyball court

Who was the first person to play volleyball?

The first person to play volleyball was William Morgan, and his daughters.

Who was the first African American woman to play volleyball?

First african american to play volleyball?

When was Multi Play Volleyball created?

Multi Play Volleyball was created on 1994-10-28.

Beach volleyball ball?

beach volleyball is a game you play at the beach with friends or family. beach volleyball ball is a soft ball you play with.

Can anybody play volleyball?