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each team has their own balls...from what i've seen each team stamps the name on the side of them..the one I have is a ball from KC, that i got from a front office member at the game in the locker room.

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Q: Do they mark the balls used in a NFL game?
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Does the nfl use special balls for extra points punts and field goals?

All balls are NFL balls that are used to play with.

How much do NFL game balls cost?

The prices for NFL game balls will vary depending on the game and the team. Some game balls have sold for as high as $10,000.

Where to find Santa's game balls on NFL rush zone?

mvp lounge

What technology is used in NFL football?

Balls,camera,and also people

Last rookie to win a NFL playoff game?

Mark Sanchez

How many footballs are generally used during an NFL game compared to a college game?

I heard on FOX Sports yesterday that an NFL game starts with 36 footballs. They also commented that a rookie quarterback may have a hard time adjusting to the use of new balls in the NFL as opposed to college play. (Never heard that before yesterday)

Which state is every football used in NFL games made?


What is a k-ball?

While NFL teams are allowed to practice with regular game balls, a "K" Ball is the term used by special teams for a brand new ball, not used until kickoff - hence the term K-Ball.

Can NFL player keep balls during game?

Players in the NFL are allowed to keep the game ball after they score a touchdown. At one point the league charged players $500 for this, but later took the fee away.

Can the visiting team use their own footballs during a NFL game?

Unfortunately, no. It is the home team's responsibility to have 36 footballs, 24 for indoor games, ready to be checked by the head referee, with a pressure gauge, two hours prior to the game. Those balls must meet the NFL's requirements or they will not be used. Also, twelve new footballs, sealed in a special box and shipped by the manufacturer, will be opened in the officials' locker room two hours prior to the starting time of the game. These balls are to be specially marked with the letter "k" and used exclusively for the kicking game. Does that help?

Is a different ball used for kicking in the NFL?

The NFL provides a number of "new" unused balls for use in kicking in each game. They are used for kickoffs, punting, field goals, and extra points. The stated object of having special balls is to minimize the effect of ball wear on kicking accuracy. However, the reason they were instituted was due to complaints over teams using "doctored" balls to gain a kicking advantage. However, because they are not used in other play, they differ from the balls that kickers use in practice. So many NFL kickers can be seen beating, squeezing, or working a ball before a kickoff. They are used to kicking a 'beat up' ball. Some kickers have openly complained about the slickness of the K-balls.

Are college foot balls the same as NFL foot balls?

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