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It can be done because Cowboys Stadium has a retractable roof. So far, the Cowboys tend to keep the roof closed on most occasions.

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Q: Do they close the roof at Cowboy stadium when it rains?
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Does cowboy stadium have retractable roof?

Yes The new stadium does have a retractable roof, but the old stadium did not.

Can the roof of cowboy stadium be closed during a game?


When do they decide to open roof on cowboy stadium?

When it gets really hot.

How long does it take for cowboy stadium retractable roof to open?

11 minutes

Do some football stadiums have retractable roofs for when it rains?

Yep, some stadium have the roof for when its rain but some stadium doesn't roof so sometimes they post the game and the other they still play on the rain.

How much does it cost to close the millennium stadium roof?


How long does it take to close the roof of the millennium stadium?

Takes about 20 minutes to open or close it

How long does it take for the roof on the brewer stadium to open?

Exactly 10 minutes. Same duration when they close the roof.

Will the stadium dome be closed for the saints cowboy game?

The retractable roof of Cowboys Stadium likely will remain closed because of a forecast of cold weather on Thanksgiving Day, 2010.

How long does it take for the roof of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium to close?

45 Seconds

How long does wembley stadium roof take to close?

== == One hour The process takes 56 minutes and 30 seconds - and the roof should only be operated when the stadium is empty.

Does Yankee Stadium have a retractable roof?

No, it does not. The new Yankee Stadium, like the old one, has no roof.

What is a closed stadium?

i stadium were there is no roof and it can snow inside.

Is Lucas Oil stadium a dome?

No, its a retractable roof stadium.

Does Arrowhead Stadium have a dome?

No. Arrowhead Stadium doesn't have a roof.

Why is rugby played outside?

It can be played inside and has been when the roof is closed in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff where they presently have the only stadium for this type of sport which has a roof that can close. If the game did become inside it would require astro turf which can be somewhat more difficult to play on

How does a plant get water for survival on top of the roof?

when it rains

Why do your toes get cold when it rains?

because you have no roof on your house

Why don't they use the roof at the tennis?

Most places don't have a roof because it's expensive. But if they do, they do use it when it rains. However, if it's not raining, they don't close the roof because it changes the court conditions. (Indoor tennis is different than outdoor tennis, yes.)

What is a stadium roof called?

A dome

Is the new Yankee Stadium indoors?

No, it is not. The new Yankee Stadium, like the old stadium, has an open roof.

Do the colts play in a dome?

Lucas Oil Stadium is a retractable roof stadium.

Does murrayfield stadium have a roof?

Nope. It certainly doesn't have the joy of a closing roof. :(

Does Indianapolis Colt's stadium have a roof?

Yes it's a roof that opens and closes

Apt in a sentence?

The Kitchen roof is apt to leak when it rains .