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Q: Do the soccer players get equal amount of playing time?
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What are specific details or examples of necessary equipment in soccer?

A football, if playing on grass - studs, 2 posts and an equal amount of players.

How many players are there?

It really depends on which sport or video game Your playing. If your on a 3dsXL, and you play mario kart 7, You can have 7 or 8 people playing. if your playing soccer, each team needs to have an equal amount of members. if you have 10 people that want to play soccer, devide them into 2 equal groups.

Who makes more money a pro baseball player or a pro soccer player?

Music artists and pro sports make the equal amount of money as long as they give something to it, and they do something to earn the money. Is this a good answer? From, Kidskids

Which soccer club is better Real or Storm?

I think they are equal in playing the game of soccer but when it comes to coaches real may be better in that but i still dont know which club yo choose

Why did sports players receive salary caps?

To ensure that teams do not overspend, and to have a more equal amount of $ for teams regardless of the location they're in.

What does baseball have?

Baseball has multiple players on a diamond, or baseball field, playing against an equal number of players. 1 pitcher, 1 catcher, 4 infielders, 3 outfielders and 4 bases.

Is a hectare roughly equal to 2 tennis courts or to 2 soccer fields?

is a hectare roughly equal to 2 tennis courts or 2 soccer fields

Why is the amount of guanine always equal to the amount of cytosine?

Amount of guanine is always equal to cytosine

Who is the fastest soccer player and how fast is he?

Colorado Rapids' Marvell Wynne. He is an American centre-back with a record (with professional soccer players) 10.39 second time for the 100m. Unfortunately his top speed cannot be deduced from this time, nor is data available concerning it. The average running speed from this time is 9.62m/s This is equal to 21.5mph.

How many players are on a football tean?

The number of players on a football team depends on the type of football you are playing. In American Football, there are 11 on a team. In Canadian Football, there are 12 players on a team. Other countries have their own rules. Also America has "Sand Lot Football" where pickup games simply have equal numbers of players on each side.

Is three-ninths equal to half time in a soccer game?


How many blades of grass are on a soccer field?

the dimensions for the soccer field were width= 64m length=100m and the thickness of one grass blade is 1 milimeter since 1m is equal to 1000 milimeter so you multiply 64000 x 100000=6,400,000,000 and is the answer fo these dimensions using this method you can find any amount of blades of grass in a soccer field.