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No, Vikings still have a chance of catching up. If the Vikings lose today (12-20-09), then the Saints will have it.

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Q: Do the saints have a by the first week of playoffs?
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What are the release dates for NFL Playoffs - 2007 Playoffs Week 3 Vikings at Saints Game Highlights?

NFL Playoffs - 2007 Playoffs Week 3 Vikings at Saints Game Highlights was released on: USA: January 2010

Who was the first head coach to bring the New Orleans Saints to the playoffs?

Jim Mora, who guided the Saints to the playoffs during the 1987 season.

When was the first time the New Orleans Saints went to the playoffs?


Who did the St. Louis Rams beat in the playoffs 2000?

No one. They lost to the New Orleans Saints in the first round of the playoffs.

Who won the playoffs Vikings or Saints?

The New Orleans Saints

What team did the Saints beat in their first playoff win in franchise history?

The Saints first playoff win was in the wildcard round of the 2000 playoffs. They defeated the St. Louis Rams 31-28.

Who won the NFL playoffs?

The New Orleans Saints

What does the Atlanta Falcons need to get in the playoffs?

The Falcons already clinched their spot in the playoff last week in Minnesota. But they can clinch the #2 seed in the NFC playoffs with a victory over the Rams and a Carolina loss to the Saints where at home the Saints haven't loss a game. So the Falcons gets home-field advantage if all goes well.

Who won the NFL playoffs 2010?

The New Orleans Saints

Did the New Orleans Saints deserve to win the playoffs?

Obviously, since they did.

What is the attendance average for the New Orleans Saints?

Including the playoffs, 70,226.5.

What NFC team has the cowboys never played in the playoffs?

new Orleans saints