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No neither do winners or runner ups in the carling cup , can reach the europen championships.

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Q: Do the runners up of the carling cup final get into Europe?
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Where is the Carling cup final held?

The Carling cup final will be held at the Wembeley.

When is the carling cup final in 2011?

Carling cup final is 27th of February at Wembley stadium.

Do carling cup winners qualify for Europe?

Yes , the winning team of the carling cup qualifies for the europa League , unless they are already qualified or in the compertition , if so then the Runners up qualifiy .

Will spurs be in the uefa cup next year as runners up in Carling cup?


Where can i Watch carling cup final 2009?

You can find segments of the Carling cup Final 2009 on Youtube or possibly sports magazines and websites.

Who has scored in the fa cup final and the uefa cup final and the champions league final and the carling cup final?

Teddy Sheringham

What is the time of carling cup final?


How many trophies have tottenham won in last 10 years?

One league cup (Carling Cup) in 2008. They have also been runners up in Carling Cup in 2002 and 2009

Who will broad cast carling cup final in India?

BBVA TV has rights for all Carling Cup games in India.

Does the carling cup qualify a team for the europa cup?

Yes. If the winners of the Carling Cup has already qualified for Europe then the place will go to the Premiership.

Who will win the Carling Cup final in 2008?

Tottenham hotspur

When is the final of the carling cup?

Sunday 1st March 2009

Date of the 2009 Carling Cup final?


What is Kick off time for Carling Cup Final?


Who is in the carling cup final 2011?

Arsenal v Birmingham

How many tickets did Liverpool get for carling cup final?


When is the carling cup final qtr final draw on?

saturday on sky sports news

What is the date of the Carling cup final?

Sunday Feb 28th at Wembley

When is the Soccer Carling Cup final?

Sunday 24th February 3.00pm

Who will play in Carling cup final?

man utd and Aston villa

What is the time for carling cup final 2010?

2.45pm kick off

What channel is carling cup final on in India?

It will be shown on Ten Action.

Who won the carling cup final in 2010?

Birmingham beat arsenal

Date of carling cup final 2010?

Sunday 28 February 2010

What is the date of the Carling cup final 2010?

The date is 28th Feb 2010