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No it's all gimmicks. For instance, after the ladder match at Wrestlemania X, Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon were still really good friends even though on TV, they hated each other.

It depends really, some wrestlers will hate each other, when Andre The Giant had a rivaliry with Hulk Hogan, they didn't hate each other on TV, but when the Rockers split up, Shawn Michaels hated Marty Jannetty for real too, and tried to kill him apprently.

Whether wrestlers like each other or not has nothing to do with in-ring storylines.

Rivalries in the ring are for in the ring. Rivalries outside the ring are they're own personal lives. You don't have to like everyone just cuz you work with them. Hogan/Savage, Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels all had personal problems with each other outside the ring and those rivalries are still going on today.

Mr. Hounderz

No it's just a storyline


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Q: Do the rivalries continue even outside the ring?
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