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No. The two championship series are the best 4 out of 7 games. When one of the teams wins 4 games, the series is over. If one team wins the first four games in a row, then only four games are played.

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Q: Do the postseason teams have to play all 7 games to determine who goes to the World Series?
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How many postseason games has Derek Jeter played in?

Through the 2011 season ... 152 ... 61 games in the ALDS, 53 games in the ALCS, and 38 games in the World Series.

Are the New Yankees going to win the World Series in 2010?

Nobody knows. If the Yankees win 11 postseason games they will be the 2010 champions.

Who appeared in more postseason games for the New York Yankees -- Mickey Mantle or Derek Jeter?

Through 2010, Derek Jeter holds the Major League record for most games played in the postseason with 147. Mickey Mantle played in 65, which were all World Series games.

What is the name of the seven championship games that determine the best baseball team?

The World Series.

What month was the World Series played in 1938?

The postseason matchup of the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs was played from Oct. 5th through the 9th. The Yankees swept the Series in four games.

Who holds the record for most single season postseason wins as a giants pitcher?

Tim Lincecum who won 4 games in the 2010 playoffs/World Series.

How many games per series in baseball?

3 or 4 games are played, unless it's a tiebreaker at the end of the season then it will be 5, if they have a 4 game series.Another answerDuring the Regular Season there can be between 2-4 games in a series between 2 teams each however in the Postseason there can be up to 5 games and a minimum of 3 games in the first round of the Playoffs (aka the Postseason) which is called the Division Series. The 2nd round of the Playoffs which is called the League Championship Series as well as in the final round of the Playoffs which is called the World Series can each have a maximum of 7 games and a minimum of 4 games.

Winningest MLB team of the 90s?

Atlanta Braves 977 wins (including postseason) New York Yankees 888 wins (including postseason) The Yankees won more World Series, but the Braves won many more games.

In 1998 the New York Yankees won the World Series How many total wins regular and postseason did they have to accomplish this feat?

The Yankees won 125 total games in 1998. They had 114 regular season wins and 11 postseason wins.

How many World Series wins does Andy pettite have?

Pettitte, who won two games in the 2009 World Series for the New York Yankees, has a 5-4 career record in the Fall Classic. He holds the record for most postseason victories with 18.

Who has won the most games between the redskins and cowboys?

The Cowboys lead the series 59-40-2, which includes regular-season and postseason games.

How many postseason games did bonds play in?

Barry Bonds played in 48 career postseason games.

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