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yes. staff members do too

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2009-08-01 19:57:35
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Q: Do the players on the practice squad get a Super Bowl ring?
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Do players on the practice squad get Super Bowl bonus?


What current packer players have been to the super bowl?

Woodson with the Raiders and Kuehn on the practice squad with the Steelers.

Does the practice squad in the NFL get a Super Bowl ring?


How many current Green Bay Packers players have played in a super bowl?

Played in a Super Bowl: CB Charles Woodson, Oakland Raiders, Super Bowl XXXVII DE Ryan Pickett, St Louis Rams, Super Bowl XXXVI Practice Squad only player of Super Bowl teams: RB John Kuhn, Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl XL

How many tickets are allocated to each player in super bowl 44?

I was told by players in the super bowl they can get 15 tickets each, also it should be noted they are not free tickets!! The players pay from 800-1500$ each ticket. And it doesnt include practice squad players only the the rooster players. Players on injured reserve are not included also.

Which current Green Bay Packers player has a Super Bowl ring?

John Kuhn is the only current Packers player with a Super Bowl ring. He was on the Pittsburgh Steelers practice squad when they won Super Bowl XL.

Who get Super Bowl rings on a team?

Based on the generosity of the winning teams owner, all players (including released/traded and practice squad members), coaches, assistants, the front office, office staff, support personnel (trainers, etc) receive Super Bowl Rings.

Do you get a Super Bowl ring if you're on the bench?

Yes. Even if you've been injured or assigned to the practice squad.

How many 2010 packers have super bowl rings?

Well, before Super Bowl XLV, only one, John Kuhn. He got it when he was on the Steelers practice squad when they beat the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. Now that the Packers won Super Bowl XLV, everyone has one!

If the Pro Bowl is before the Super Bowl will that not cause potential injuries for the Super Bowl players?

Pro Bowl players on the two Super Bowl teams will not participate in the Pro Bowl.

What day do players get there for the Super Bowl?

It is 4 days after food hotel practice and enough time to rest

When do players receive there Super Bowl rings?

A week last super bowl.

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