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no they do not

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Q: Do the losing team of the Stanley Cup finals get a second place ring?
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Do the losing team of the NBA finals get a second place ring?

The team that lost the NBA finals do not get a second place ring.

What year was Canucks vs Rangers Stanley cup?

The Canucks vs Rangers Stanley Cup Finals took place in 1994.

Which Pittsburgh Penguin has the Stanley Cup?

No one has the cup. I'm pretty sure that after the summer and everyone has had their turn with it, it goes back to the place that it's stored until the Stanley Cup Finals, then it attends games 5-7.

Who came in second place on RuPaul's Drag Race season 3?

Manila Luzon came in second place, losing to Raja.

How much money does the second place winner get in the men's tennis finals at the US open?


What player earned NCAA finals MVP honors for a losing team?

Art Heyman DUKE '63' Duke actually won the 3rd place game and Heyman was voted tournament MVP

Where do the Destination Imagination Global Finals take place?

The Destination imagination Global Finals take place in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Do losing contestnts keep their winnings on jeopardy?

no Second place gets 2000 dollars and third 1000 dollars

Has Susan Boyle packed in Britain's Got Talent?

Though she apparently did consider leaving the show before the finals, she completed it. She sang "I Dreamed a Dream" in the finals and got 20% of the final votes to place second. Diversity won with 25% of the votes.

What was the US best year in soccer?

Between 1930, when the USA made it third place in the FIFA World Cup and 2009 when USA made the finals of the FIFA Confederation Cup (losing to Brazil 3-2).

When did the Los Angeles Kings win the Stanley Cup?

The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup in 2012, defeating the New Jersey Devils 4 games to 2. The final game took place on June 11.They also made it to the finals in 1993, but lost to Montreal.

What place did the Calgary Flames hold in the 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Second place. It's widely known they got cheated out of the Stanley Cup by Gary Bettman and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Don't forget hiring Kerry Frasier to ref game 7 as well.

Which country was hosted 2006 world cup?

Germany hosted the 2006 FIFA World Cup. They made it to semi-finals before losing 2-0 to Italy. In the third place play-off, they then beat Portugal 3-1.

When were the finals of 'American Idol' in 2011?

The finals of American Idol 2011 took place on May 25, 2011.

Did Korea ever host the world cup?

Yes, they have. South Korea co-hosted the tournament with Japan and actually managed to do surprisingly well, getting to 4th place after losing 1-0 to Germany in the semi-finals followed by a 3-2 defeat to Turkey in the third place play-off.

What hokey team won the most Stanley cups?

The Montreal Canadians with 24 Cups. The team in second place is Toronto Maple Leafs with 13 Cups.

When do you the NBA Finals take place?

middle of June

What is the date of men's semi final Wimbledon 2009?

Barring any delays, the men's Wimbledon semi-finals should take place on the second Friday, i.e. July 3, 2009.

What NHL eighth seed has won a Stanley Cup?

None. The only 8th place team to ever make it to the finals were the 2005-06 Edmonton Oilers but they lost in 7 games to the Carolina Hurricanes. Besides that, there have been two other teams who were last place but not in 8th place (this is before there were 8 teams in a conference). The 1948-49 Maple Leafs (22-25-13) were the last 'worst' seed to win the Stanley Cup. The 1937-38 Blackhawks (14-25-9) are the only other 'worst' seed to win the Cup. In fact by there record, they are the worst team to have won the Stanley Cup.

Where will the rugby finals take place?

New zealand! where all the games take place this year!

Do Jeopardy losers get anything?

The second place contestant gets $2,000, and third place gets $1,000. Originally, losing contestants were given parting gifts such as merchandise and trips, but this was changed in 2002 to the current cash prizes.

How many rounds are in the world cup?

Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter finals, Semi finals, Third-place play-off, Final

What place did Ireland come in the Euro 2011?

There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.There was no Euro 2011 football finals.

When did the razorbacks place 3rd in the NCAA finals?

July 12, 2005

Stanley is the capital of what?

it is a place in Australia and in Canada