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I don't believe so, and I think they actually help by eating things like mosquitoes. They can be a nusence when they are searching for food they will bite or sting.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-14 15:49:58
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Q: Do the boatmen swimming bugs cause any harm to people swimming in the water?
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How do you get rid of water boatmen in a swimming pool?

Empty the pool out and fill it with soil. OR Use chlorine.

Do boatman waterbugs bite people in water?

Water boatmen are capable of biting people.

Bugs with fins found in swimming pools that swim in the pool?

they're are called water boatmen and are harmless but fun to watch

What do boatmen bugs eat?

Water boatmen eat algae and aquatic plants.

What is Flying insect in swimming pools that bite?

They are called Backswimmers or Water Boatmen, believe it. In Jamaica, I've seen them bigger than the palm of your hand.

Are water boatmen dangerous?

Water boatmen believe is the family Corixidae. These insects are flat, boat-shaped and long. These insects are not dangerous.

Is a water boatman a fish?

No, water boatmen are insects.

How do you rid your pool of water boatmen?

Make sure ur pool is chlorinated often cause that kills them and they also bite

Can the 'boatmen' swimming pool bugs survive in a salt water pool?

Yes they can also live in the Ocean, But they cannot stay in a properly balanced pool for long They seem to survive in salt water pools for their normal "season" refardless of water balance or condition. They do not appear to be harmful and can only be made to disappear with a chemical product that is hazadous to humans.

What do water boatmen drink?

I think that watre boatmen just eat the pond water but i dont think my answer is right because im only a kid

What do water boatmen eat?

Water boatmen do not bite humans. the suck juices from plants and algae. They also eat minute aquatic organisms such as mosquito larvae.

What adaptations has the water boatmen?

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Do water-boatmen eat tadpoles?


What do water boatmen eat in a pond?

boat lily

What aquatic insects do water boatmen eat?


Is the water boatmen a decomposer?

No, water boatmen are not decomposers. Most species are herbivorous and eat plants by injecting digestive enzymes into them and then sucking the plant material into their mouths.

Does swimming cause tanning?

Swimming does NOT cause tanning. The sun's rays cause tanning. Being in and around water, which reflects the sun's rays, can increase the rate of tanning, but not cause it.

Can salt water swimming cause vaginal irritation?

Yes it can.

What is the lifespan of water boatmen?

1 minute 36 seconds

Do water boatmen live in groups?

they can do but they usually swim alone

What is water boatmen?

The water boatman is an insect which lives in ponds. Boatmen are an important part of the diet of fish, and aren't harmful in any way unless they overpopulate, but this is true of many animals.

Can excessive swimming with minimal oxygen and water cause blacking out?

Yes. Don't worry, swimming is the only exercise where lack of oxygen will cause you to black out

Do water boatmen live out of water?

I dont think so. They mostly live in wetlands. But adult water boatmen can fly so mabey they fly somewhere else but most likely if they are flying somewhere else it is to go to a different pond or lake, or just catch prey to eat. I am doing a school project on water boatmen. I hope this helps!

Who founded swimming?

Actually, there is no known founder of swimming. People have been swimming since water appeared.

Founder of swimming?

this is no founder: people have been swimming since there has been water.