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A few WWE Divas wear thongs yes, it is visible in the clothing that they wear on WWE Programming.

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Q: Do the WWE divas wear thongs?
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What kind of thongs do WWE divas wear?

they usaly wear boots and like a short shrirt and shorts or skirts

Why do WWE divas have to wear thongs?

they dont they choose to wear them cause randy back then before he got married he was a womanizer

What WWE divas wear thongs?

Mickie james, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Melina, and Beth phoenix, and pretty much all of them

Do WWE divas wear weave?

No. They Wear Their Actual Hair

Do you have to wear tampons for WWE divas?

No, they wear their own tampons.

What divas wear thongs?

i would say most of them would wear thongs, so they don't show the pantie line under whatever they wore

WWE maria wear thongs?

sometimes not always

Does WWE diva Melina wear thongs?


Does eve Torres wear a thong?

Every wwe diva has to wear thongs.

Does Ashley from WWE wear thongs?

Yes, pink ones!

Do WWE wrestlers wear thongs?

the men that wear tights like edge does wears them, but i dont know if they are classified as "thongs" lol

How many Divas are in the WWE?

there are 19 divas in the wwe

WWE Divas vs TNA Knockouts?

WWE Divas

Does WWE diva Melina wear a thong?

ya she loves black thongs

Is there 365 divas in WWE?

No there is no 365 divas in the WWE. There isn't even 365 in the whole WWE.

Are any of the WWE divas lesbian?

No, their are no WWE Divas that are lesbians. Their have been on screen kisses between divas, but nothing more.

Does Melina Perez wear thongs?

When Melina Perez was in the WWE she would perform her ring entrance. You could see various times that she wears thongs.

Who are the characters of WWE?

The WWE Superstars And Divas

Does Vanessa Hudgens wear thongs?

yes vanessa does wear thongs yes vanessa does wear thongs

What music video was the WWE divas in?

WWE Divas are in the music video for the song "Throw It On Me" by Timbaland.

Where can one find information on WWE Divas?

You can find information about WWE Divas on the official WWE website. They are found under the Superstars tab on the homepage. There is also a group on Facebook that is dedicated to the WWE Divas.

Does rebecca black wear thongs?

No she is somebody who does not wear thongs

Is all WWE divas gay?

None of the divas are gay.

When is the next WWE diva search?

After 4 years with no WWE Divas Search it is going to be WWE Divas Search at 2011 sometime

How do i contact WWE?

Ask the wwe superstars or divas

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