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no they are done for year no bowl game either

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Q: Do the Tennessee volunteers play today?
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Did Kenny Chesney play for the Tennessee volunteers?


What actors and actresses appeared in 2005 SBC Cotton Bowl - 2005?

The cast of 2005 SBC Cotton Bowl - 2005 includes: Brian Baldinger as Himself - Color Commentator Thom Brenneman as Himself - Play-by-Play Announcer Dustin Colquitt as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Punter Phillip Fulmer as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Head Coach Chris Hannon as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Wide Receiver Jonathan Hefney as Himself -Tennessee Volunteers Defensive Back David Holbert as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Running Back Cedric Houston as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Running Back Ryan Karl as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Defensive Back Robert Meachem as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Wide Receiver Brent Schaeffer as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Quarterback Jayson Swain as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Wide Receiver James Wilhoit as Himself - Tennessee Volunteers Kicker Jeanne Zelasko as Herself - Sideline Reporter

What college football TEAM did peyton play for?

Peyton Manning played for the Tennessee Volunteers.

When was Tennessee Volunteers football created?

Tennessee Volunteers football was created in 1891.

Did the Tennessee Volunteers win the 1998 Rose Bowl?

The Tennessee Volunteers won the 1998 College Football Championship in the Rose Bowl stadium.The Tennessee Volunteers beat the Florida State Seminoles and the Tennessee Volunteers were 1998 College Football Champions.

When was Tennessee Lady Volunteers soccer created?

Tennessee Lady Volunteers soccer was created in 1996.

Are the vols and titans in the same state team?

No. The "Vols" are the University of Tennessee Volunteers, and play at the college level. The Tennessee Titans are a professional football team.

What Tennessee sport is the Vols referring to?

'The Vols' is a popular nickname for the Tennessee Volunteers and Lady Volunteers. The Vols are the National Collegiate Athletic Association college sports teams at the University of Tennessee which is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What is the best team in the SEC?

Tennessee Volunteers

How many former Tennessee Volunteers football players play for the Green Bay Packers?

Hopefully none, they dont deserve a win

Who won the national championship in1998?

Tennessee Volunteers

Where do the San Francisco 49ers play today oct20 2013?

at Tennessee