Do the Patriots have a mascot?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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The Patriots mascot is named Pat Patriot. Click on the 'Pat Patriot' link on this page to see a picture of 'him'.

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Yes, the Patriots have a mascot. The mascot is "Pat Patriot", a cartoonish version of a New England Patriot player.

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Q: Do the Patriots have a mascot?
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Why is pat patriot a mascot?

He is a mascot because the Patriots organization has decided that Pat Patriot is emblematic of the New England Patriots so they decided that he would be their mascot.

How was the New England Patriots mascot picked?

The Patriots mascot, Pat Patriot, is a Minute Man. The choice of a Minute Man mascot pays homage to the colonial / revolutionary history of the Massachusetts region.

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When was the New England Patriots mascot born?

A little after the Boston Patriots were formed in 1959 when Boston Globe artist Phil Bissell came up with the logo

Why are the patriots named the patriots?

The team was a member of the old American Football League and were originally the Boston Patriots because Boston was a hot bed in the American Revolution the team chose Patriots for their name. The mascot wears a three corner hat like men of that era.

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