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They have the stats of the Seattle Sonics for now until Seattle gets a team back then I dont thik they will not sure though Seattle has all the banners and trophys but Thunder have the records and other things.

The Thunder should not have any of the Sonics accomplishments because they are no longer the Sonics. Once the team moved to Oklahoma City they should have started as a brand new team. Therefore the Thunder at this time have 0 championships and no history of great players (Durant, Westbrook etc are current).

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Q: Do the Oklahoma City Thunder have the Seattle Supersonics history or are they listed as if they are an expansion team?
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Where did the Oklahoma City thunder move from?

The Oklahoma City Thunder moved from Seattle. Before they were the Seattle Supersonics.

Where did the Oklahoma City Thunder come from?

They used to be the Seattle Supersonics, but starting in the 2008-2009 season, the Supersonics were relocated to Oklahoma City, and will stay there.

Why have the seatle sonics disappear?

the Seattle supersonics were relocated to Oklahoma City, and were called the thunder.

When did Oklahoma City Thunder originate?

The Seattle supersonics were relocated to OK City in 2008

Who does Shawn kemp play for?

Seattle Supersonics. Now is known as the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What pro sports team is in oaklahoma?

The Oklahoma City Thunder. Formerly known as The Seattle Supersonics

What team did Kevin durant first play for?

Oklahoma City is incorrect . He played with the Seattle Supersonics for 2007-2008 season and then Oklahoma City bought the Seattle franchise.

Have the Oklahoma city thunder won a nba title as them or the seattle supersonics?

yes as the thunder 4 times. as the sonics 7 times.

What relocating NBA team announced in 2008 that it was going to be called the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Seattle SuperSonics

What is Seattle Washington's pro basketball team?

they used to have the supersonics, but they moved to Oklahoma City and became the thunder

Is there a seattle super sonic basketball team?

The Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City, and became the Thunder. The new team name and location of the Supersonics were announced September 3rd, 2008.

Was the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team ever renamed?

Yes, the franchised relocated from Seattle to Oklahoma City in 2008. they were known as the Seattle SuperSonics from 1967-2008.