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Q: Do the New York Giants have a visitor's locker room at the New Meadowlands Stadium?
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Do the jets and giants new stadium have 2 home team locker rooms?

Yes, each team has their own locker room. This article says something about Eli Manning giving his wife a tour of the Jet's locker room and on his way to the Giants' locker room to pick out his locker.

How many locker rooms does the meadowlands s tadium have?

3 1 for each "home" team and 1 for the visitor

Who is locker at yankee stadium is left empty?

Thurman Munson. His locker was kept empty after he died.

Where is Babe Ruth's locker now?

Babe Ruth's Yankees Stadium locker is located in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY.

Will Thurman Munson's locker be moved to the new Yankee stadium?

Yes, it was moved to the new stadium. It was placed in the Yankee museum.

Whose locker in Yankee Stadium has been left empty?

Thurman Munson

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What is the value of joe dimaggio's Yankee stadium locker tag?

Babe Ruth brass Yankee Stadium locker tag In an auction held in November of 1987 a Babe Ruth brass locker tag from Yankee Stadium, sold for $7,150. at Phillips in New York. This was a record price for a locker tag at the time. 1987 was pretty much the beginning of the baseball card boom, and the large number of baseball memorabilia collectors would not grow until the mid 1990's with the popularity of eBay. In today's market the same Babe Ruth Locker tag should sell for at least 10 times that amount with the proper authentication. Yankee Stadium memorabilia will sky rocket with the new stadium opening in 2009. If I come across any recent auctions for this item or similar items I will up date this post.

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