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The money drivers receive from sponsors and NASCAR for each race, is divided among the whole team, including owners.

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Q: Do the Nascar drivers keep all their winnings or do they give it to the owners and crew?
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Do Nascar drivers share their winnings with the pit crew?

First thing to understand is the winnings, although credited to, are not the drivers winnings it's the car owners. The car owner and driver have a contract and what the driver is paid is based on that contract. The pit crew will often have part of their pay based on the finishing position of the car. It would be like a bonus, the better the driver and car finish the more money the crew can make.

How do NASCAR drivers keep safe before a race?

NASCAR drivers usually stay out of the public eye behind the scenes before the race. Sometimes they are doing interviews, making sure they have been to the bathroom and talking to their friends, owners and pit crew.

How do NASCAR drivers drink during races?

Nascar drivers are allowed to have water bottles in their cars while racing. If they run out, a pit crew member can hand them one during a pit stop.

What does the NASCAR crew chief do?

During the race, the crew chief helps the driver make decisons. They would tell them where other drivers are running, and the stats of the racecar.

Do Nascar crew members receive a trophy after a win?

No. Only the driver does. But a lot of drivers keep their trophies at the race shop.

How do you get in the seison 2014 nascar inside line?

NASCAR is sponsored by Sprint and Nationwide. Sprint offers their customers inside NASCAR information through a Sprint app for the smart phone. It will give inside audio from drivers and crew chiefs.

How long does it take to become a NASCAR driver?

It takes pretty much your whole life, almost all NASCAR drivers today started racing competitively before they were 10 years old. Also to make it in NASCAR you need a good sponsor and a good crew and crew chief or you wont last very long.

How much is a nascar crew membership cost?

Being on a NASCAR crew is not a club you have to pay dues for...they pay YOU to be on a NASCAR crew, because it's a (very hard) part-time job they train every day to do.

Who is the crew chief with the most wins in NASCAR?

Dale Inman won the most Nascar races and championships as a crew chief.

Is NASCAR Technical institute a good place to become a NASCAR crew chief?


When was Mike Ford - NASCAR crew chief - born?

Mike Ford - NASCAR crew chief - was born on 1970-04-13.

Who is the crew chief for Nascar driver Ryan Newman?

Matt Borland is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Ryan Newman and the #39 Quicken Loans/Haas Automation car.

When can Nationwide drivers enter the Sprint Cup Series?

They can enter any level of NASCAR as long as they have sponsors and crew along with someone to choose them as hopefully a full-time Cup driver.

Do start and park Nascar teams have to have a full pit crew?


How many jobs are created in NASCAR?

There are tons of jobs in Nascar besides being the driver. There's the pit crew members, crew chief, spotters, officials, announcers, analysts and reporters.

Who is the crew chief for Kyle Busch in the Nascar Cup Series?

Dave Rogers is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and the #18 Mars Brands/Interstate Batteries car.

Who is the crew chief for Joey Logano in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

Currently, Todd Gordon is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Joey Logano and the #22 Shell/Pennzoil car.

Who is the crew chief for Kevin Harvick in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

Rodney Childers is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick and the #4 Budweiser/Jimmy John's car.

How do the NASCAR Pit crew travel?

Private Planes; by the team owners. I was talking to #16 Biffles team member and that team and 1 other team flew into Ontario, CA on Thursday afternoon.

What does it cost to race one Nascar race pit crew crew chief tires etc.?

It costs approximate $200,000 (minimum) to race a NASCAR Sprint Cup car in ONE RACE.

Who pays NASCAR crew members?

NASCAR crew members are paid by the team they work for. For example, Tony Stewart is the owner of Stewart Haas and he will pay everyone in the crews of his four car team.

How many gallons does the pit crew gas can hold in Nascar racing?

The Nascar gas can holds 11 gallons of fuel.

Who is the crew chief for A.J. Allmendinger?

Brian Burns is the crew chief for NASCAR driver A.J. Allmendinger.

Who is Carl Edwards' crew chief?

Bob Osborne is the crew chief for Nascar driver Carl Edwards.

How much does an average Nascar pit crew member make?