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NBA teams have captains.

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Q: Do the NBA have captains
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What is then possessive noun for captains of the ships?

Single (just one captain) - The captain's table. Plural (many captains) - The captains' table. or The captains' tables.

When was Captains Courageous?

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Who were the captains of barcalona fc?

Some captains were Zubi Zareta.

What different types of sports leaders are there?

There are captains and assistant captains.

Are there captains in the football teams?

Yes there are captains in the football team.

When was The Two Captains created?

The Two Captains was created in 1944.

When was Captains Courageous created?

Captains Courageous was created in 1897.

How many captains on an NFL team?

6 players can be named captain. I think you can have up to 2 Offensive Captains,2 Defensive Captains,and 2 Special Team Captains.......

What Los Angeles Lakers player was voted to the 2006 nba all-star team?

Kobe Bryant was one of two captains on the 2005-2006 Los Angeles Lakers.

How can you use captains in a sentence?

How many captains will it take to steer your ship?

Who are the captains of barcelona fc?

The captains are Carlos Puyol and Xavi Hernandez

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No. No captains died on the First Fleet.

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The Captains quarters were behind the wheelhouse on the bridge deck.

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Why was Magellan betrayed by his 3 captains?

HE was killed because his three captains left him.

Are airline pilots called captains?

No, however some airline pilots are captains.

Were the industrialists of the late 19Th century robber barons or captains of industry?

the captains of industry.

How does the PGA pick captains for the ryder cup?

How does the PGA pick captains for the Ryder cup?

Who were the captains of industry and what was their industry?

The captains of idustry were millionaire who controlled a monopolized all industry in the country.