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The Lions host a Thanksgiving day game every year, so yes, they always play at home.

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Q: Do the Lions always play at home on Thanksgiving day?
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Why do lions play on Thanksgiving?

They play on Thanksgiving because it was a tradition when the idea started. The Coyboys and Lions would always be the one's player and will always be at home. Also, if it changed fans would be disappointed in the lack of NFL tradition.

Why do the Packers and Lions always play on Thanksgiving?

The packers dont but the lions and cowboys do at home with at least one playing an AFC team and the another a NFC team for CBS and fox.

Why do the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys always play games on Thanksgiving?

It is just TRADITION

What national football teams play on Thanksgiving day?

The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys both host home games every Thanksgiving. Their opponents are different from year to year. A third game is played on Thanksgiving, but the teams are not always the same.

Who did the lions play on thanksgiving day?


Do NFL players take time off for Thanksgiving?

Yes, except for the cowboys and lions who always play on thanksgiving vs 2 random teams.

Who do the Lions play on Thanksgiving 2009?

The Lions will host the Green Bay Packers for their traditional Thanksgiving game this year.

Does dallas play at home on thanksgiving every year?

They do play against the a team but not always the Detroit Lions. They both play the same day every year because it is traditional, says the National Football League (NFL).

What sport is watched during Thanksgiving?

Football, The Packers Play The Lions Every Year On Thanksgiving

How does NFL Schedule Thanksgiving Teams?

The coyboys and lions always play those days, and they choose 2 more teams for a game.

When did the Cowboys and the Lions begin hosting the Thanksgiving football game?

The tradition started in 1970. Thanksgiving Football games have be be going on way before that, but it was random which teams played. The tradition that the Lions and Coyboys ALWAYS play on Thanksgiving was started in 1970. In 2006, another random game was added. No certain team has to play in that game.

Who were the first to play football on thanksgiving day in 1934?

detroit lions

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