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Q: Do the Greek gods compete in the Greek Olympics?
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Do you have to be a certain religion the compete in the olympics?

No, not in the modern Olympics - in the Anciemnt Olypics, you had to be a Greel male (and thus believe in the Greek Gods of old).

How old did you have to be to compete in the ancient Greek Olympics?

You had to be 7 years of age or older to compete in the Ancient Greek Olympics.

What significance did greek gods play in the Olympics?

The Olympics were created to worship the Greek gods.

Who could compete in the greek Olympics?


Why can't women compete in the swimming race in Olympics?

In the Greek times I think they want to please Zeus ( the king of the gods in the Greek times ) more than Hera. ( the wife of Zeus and the queen of the gods in the Greek times )

What Greek Gods were involved in the Olympics?

The Olympics were held in the honor of Zeus

How were the Greek Olympics different from the modern day Olympics?

we did not compete naked but they did and we did not have to stop wars to be in them and women were not aloud to be in the greek Olympics or even see them

Who is competing Greece in the Olympics?

Countries do not compete in the Olympics. Athletes form countries compete. The Greek team is probably not finalized yet.

What age did they compete at the Greek Olympics?

18 years of age and you had to be a citizen

How many countries participated in the greek Olympics?

In the original Greek Olympics only men from the city states that made up Greece were aloud to compete in the Olympics!

Who was allowed to compete in the Ancient Olympics?

Citizens of Greek city-states.Citizens of Greek city-states.

What is Named after a mount which is home of the gods in greek mythology?

Mount Olympus is the home of the Greek gods. Maybe the Olympics?

Who is the father of the Greek gods to whom the ancient Olympics?

the greek god of chaos was the first and father of the other gods

How were ancient gods connected with the ancient Olympics?

The ancient Olympics were held to honor the Greek gods (especially to honor Zeus).

Is there a Greek God of the Olympics?

There is not a god of the Olympics but there was many gods that lived on mount olympus

Who were the winners of Ancient Greek Olympics?

Any Greek that deserved to win and could/did compete in the olympics. Sorry I don't know much about the greek olympics. One person who won was remaro carne

What is the similarities between the Olympics and Greek Mythology?

The word Olympics comes from the name Mount Olympus where the 'Greek' Gods live,and Greek gods come from Greek Mythology.Answer 2:No, sorry, the word Olympics comes from Greek city Olympia where the most important competitions were held in antiquity.

How did the Greek god Hermes come to be the messenger?

The Greek gods did not compete for or qualify for their qualities, they just had them from the start.

Who was the the first person to create the Olympics?

There was no person. Olympics started by the Greeks to honor their Greek Gods.

Who created the olymipics?

Greece had created the Olympics. The Olympics were created for the Greek gods. Especially for Athena. (Which the city, Athens, was named after.) The Greece made the Olympics as the games to 'amuse' the gods, also for their honor for them. In Greek, the Olympics are spelt as Ολυμπιακοί. Olympics are for Mount Olympus, that was also for the Greek gods domain. It was also called Olympics because of Olympia, Greece for the name. The Games were not only entertainment, but to show their power and strengths to the gods. Summary: Called Olympics - Mount Olympus & Olympia, Greece Created Olympics - The people of Greece (you could say the gods in a way)

What was the ancient Greek games?

The Greek olympics where loads of citys came such as athens or sparatns to compete in events such as fighting

Did the gods make up the sports in ancient Greek Olympics?


Who were the ancient Olympics dedicated to?

They were dedicated to the Greek king of the gods, Zeus.

Why were women not aloud at the Olympics?

Women were not aloud in the Olympics because the Olympics honered a male Greek god called Zeus, although women weren't aloud to compete in these Olympics they were aloud to compete in another which honored Zeus wife instead.

What are the buildings that the ancient Olympics were held in?

When the Olympics first began they took place in forest glades with temples to various greek dieties interspersed. The games were to glorify Zeus, one of the main gods in the greek pantheon of gods and demi-gods.