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No, they charter a plane to travel

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Q: Do the Boston Celtics travel by private jet?
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What is private travel?

by yerself.. like private... ex. a private jet

In china how do people travel to school?

We travel by Private Jet

Does the Phoenix Suns travel in a private jet?

No, they don't.

Do actors travel on public airways or private jets?

most likely their own private jet!

Can I use a private jet charter for business travel?

Yes, you can use a private jet charter for business travel, though the prices may be a little higher then the average airports. But you'll have more privacy.

What is a private jet charter?

To charter a private jet is to hire a private jet for a certain flight path or route. The price varies by the company and the distance you're looking to go. Some private jet owners offer their services free of charge to people who need to travel long distances for medical care.

How long does it take to travel from New York to Houston on a private jet?

24 miles

How do people travel in Afghanistan?

Afghans travel by bus, car, bike, train, helicopter, airplane, private jet, , motorbikes, horse and foot.

How long is flight to Cabo San Lucas Mexico from WA?

3 hours and 40 min. Call BSJ Private Jet Travel and ask for Maurice (561) 995-1070 to book a Private Jet.

Are there private jet shares for businesses?

Private jet shares are the newest way for business travelers to save money and travel as they wish outside of the conventional way of traveling. First top pick to choose from would be

How long does it take to travel to new york from United kingdom?

About 7.5 hours. Less on a private jet.

Does tokio hotel have there own private plane when they travel in different countries or continents?

yes they have their own privat jet.