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Q: Do the Arizona diamondbacks and Arizona cardinals play in the same stadium?
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Where will the Eagles play against Cardinals?

arizona Glendale, Arizona. They will play at the University of Arizona Stadium.

What are Phoenix sports teams names?

Yes, the Arizona Diamondbacks play in Phoenix.

Where is the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium?

Chase Field has a retractable roof, so technically yes. The Arizona Diamondbacks have played in Chase Field since 1998. The stadium was the built from 1996-98 and is the first stadium built in the US with a retractable roof.

Where is the diamondback's stadium?

The Diamondbacks play at Chase Field. It is located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

What is the name of the Arizona phoenix football stadium?

The University of Phoenix Stadium is where the Arizona Cardinals play their home games since 2006. It has seating for at least 63,400 people and hosts a variety of sporting events, including soccer.

Where did the Arizona Cardinals play their home games in 1988?

Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona

Were is the Arizona cardinal stadium at?

The Arizona Cardinals currently use the University of Phoenix Stadium, after moving from the Sun Devil Stadium in 2006. The stadium was originally called Cardinals Stadium, but the University of Phoenix acquired the naming rights shortly after its opening.

What is the stadium that holds the Arizona diamondbacks?

The Arizona Diamondbacks play their home games at Chase Field, sponsored by Chase Bank. It was known as Bank One Ballpark from 1998-2005.

Where do the Arizona Diamondbacks play?

The Arizona Diamondbacks play at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why are the Arizona diamondbacks called diamondbacks?

Because they play in Arizona and diamondbacks are a type of rattlesnake that live in Arizona.

Why are they called the Arizona Diamondbacks?

Because they play in Arizona and diamondbacks are a type of rattlesnake that live in Arizona.

Why do the Arizona Cardinals play at the University of Arizona?

They don't....they play at the University of Phoenix stadium Correction. The Cards have never played at the University of Arizona. UofA (wildcats) is in Tucson. Arizona State University, located in Tempe, play in Sun Devil Stadium (ASU Sun Devils)