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Q: Do teen boys like to shower together after sports?
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Why do boys like to play sports?

Boys are always in for the physical competition, individually or as a team. Sports offers them this, so they play sports and like to play sports.

How interact with boys?

Talk about cars and sports and what they like to do.

Which sports do boys like?

Everything which impresses girls

What are good topics boys like?

Sports and music

Do boys like it when girls talk about sports?

It depends on the type of boy. However, girls should talk about whatever interests them and if its sports, then great! You can express interest in sports but don't pretend you like something if you really don't. Be yourself and boys will like you for who you are. If they don't, you can find better boys!

Why are boys smelly?

They don't take shower manley like I have 2brothers😒😣

What sports can girls do?

girls could do more better sports that boys like tennis and volleyball

Why are boys more interested in sports?

Because boys like to be naturally competitive usually, and boys or men usually have alot of energy and strength and like to use that built up energy and strength and sports is the perfect outlet for such a thing. Not only are sports fun but they are a sort of tradition in life as there fathers and grandfathers have passed the interest and tradition on to them. Sports can be fun for any child, male or female, but boys get extra encouragement, since sports are a traditional activity for boys, and interest in sports is thought to be a part of masculinity. Boys try to live up to the expectations of their families.

Does all boys like sports?

No way! There are kids in my class who HATE sports. It depends on your athleticism and how you were raised.

What things do boys like?

Boys defiently like sports, the like eating, they like girls, going to the movies, and anything that you think would be guy related.

Is it okay for teen girls to take a shower together?

No Under certain conditions maybe, like in school or swimming pool showers, but not together in the household shower.

Why do boys like girl sports?

most guys dont care for girl sports i dont think atleast.