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Not always. Sometimes taller people will have a bigger vertical jump, but not always.

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Q: Do taller people have a bigger vertical jump?
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Who jumps higher tall people or short people?

Tall people generally have the ability to jump higher. They are already taller, and have the ability to get bigger with their high vertical leap.

Can taller people jump farther than fast people?

Yes, taller people can jump farther than fast people. They have the tendency to cross the distance.

How do you dunk when you are 4'7''?

If we're generous and say your reach is 5'5" or 65 inches, and a basketball rim is 120" high, then you need to have a running vertical jump of over 55". This kind of running vertical jump is usually attained by elite athletes, and there aren't that many people in the world who can attain that, though you can still work on improving your vertical if you are young and will grow taller.

Do shorter people jump farther than taller people?

It depends on how strong that person is who is jumping and how fast he is!!!!!! But resent studies show that YES in average shorter people or SMALLER people DO jump farther than taller people.!!!

What is a vertical jump in volleyball?

A vertical jump is when you jump straight up in the air

Can young people increase their vertical jump?

Yes, with exercise to the legs it can be improved.

How do you do a vertical jump lab report?

Vertical Jump is when they (scorers )measure you and then you jump as high as you can. The winner is the person who jumped the furthest.

Can a mouse climb a 20 cm or taller vertical plastic wall in a plastic container?

Nope. But he sure can jump it =D Good news ! A mouse cannot climb a 20cm vertical plastic container wall. Bad news: A healty, fully grown, North American field mouse has a 45cm vertical leap.

What a good workout routine to increase your vertical?

Increasing your vertical jump can be extremely helpful in sports where height is an advantage, such as basketball. Some good workout routines that increase your vertical jump are the barbell front squat, the box jump and bodyweight split jump.

Can falling increase my vertical jump I jump to grab the net of the basket and pull myself up to grab the rim Then I fall to the ground without any injury?

Falling does not increase your vertical jump but does increase the risk of an injury that can create a barrier to your vertical jump.

How do you not get blocked?

Throw the ball higher up in the air to make a bigger arc. Get taller. Jump higher. Be faster and dodge around the defender and then shoot. Pretty simple.

Will a taller person jump higher than shorter person?

If you mean in terms of vertical leap then the shorter person will most likely have a higher vertical because of a lower center of gravity and more body control. In terms of touching the highest point of a wall or something then the taller person will most likely get higher because their wingspan will be much longer resulting in a significantly higher standing reach. So the shorter person would have to jump a lot higher to come close to touching the same spot.

What is Michael Jordans vertical jump?

Step Jump Training Program That Adds AT LEAST 9 – 15+ Inches To Your Vertical Jump

Can falling increase my vertical jump?

I don't see how falling would increase your vertical jump. You are risking an injury when you fall.

How high can earl boykins jump?

50" vertical jump !!!

Do people jump off waterfalls?

Yes, some people do it for fun, others for many different reasons. Small waterfalls about a few feet talk can be fun do jump off of, but some people do jump of of bigger ones

Is a vertical jump different from a jump?

Yes, a regular jump can be performed while running, or standing still, and can propel you in any direction. A vertical jump is performed standing still, and propels you only straight up.

how does one do a vertical jump?

To do a vertical jump, one needs to leap and get one's center of gravity straight up in the air. This can be a good measure for how high one can jump from a standstill position.

Can you bend your knees in a vertical jump test?

yes, the only difference between a normal jump and a vertical jump is that your only allowed to take one step back and have one stay stationary.

How do you perform a vertical jump?

A vertical jump is how high you can jump (and reach) without a head start. To perform a vertical jump,Get next to a wall.Hold your arm as high as you can.Jump straight up into the airRepeat several times to get an accurate read.

How do you train your dog to jump of a building?

First of all, you need to train him to jump from an edge to an edge with a short distance very much. Then you have to make the distance taller then taller, and after that he may get used of it and jump from building to a building .

Does height affect the length of your jump?

No it doesn't because the taller you are the shorter the distance you jump when you get measured

What was Julius Erving's vertical leap?

His vertical jump was some where around 40 to 43

If you found a 3 inch tall guy what would you do?

I would jump up and down and say โ€œim taller than youโ€

Best vertical jump?

well world record high jump is 8 feet