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Yes, to a certain extent.

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Q: Do tall tennis players have advantage on serve?
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How tall are tennis players?

umm they can be 4.0 - 6.0 feet IMPROVED ANSWER: Tennis players vary in height. Tennis players are usually tall, especially the men. The average height for a women is around 5'9 and for men around 5'11. However the men reach outstanding heights, eg/ Ivo Karlovic from Croatia is 196cm tall the tallest male tennis player. Also, rising star Bernard Tomic of Australia who has a Croatian background (Y) is only 17 and is 194cm tall. If you'd like to find out the height of some tennis players just go on and type in the tennis player you are interested in. Thanks, i hope this is a better answer.

Do tall people do better at tennis?

Yes...i think they can serve better ...and they wouldn't have much trouble picking up difficult shots

Who is the tallest pro female tennis player?

Tallest female tennis players ever are Akgul Amanmuradova from Uzbekistan, and Eva Hrdinova from Czech Republic. They both stand at 6' 3" tall .

How high must your serve be in table-tennis?

Tall enough to bounce on your side of the table, clear the net and then bounce of the opponent's side of the table.

Are most water polo players tall?

It does give players an advantage such faster swimming speeds, more reach and big hands. However, not all water polo players are tall. I know a someone who was 3rd team all-american and she is barely over 5'6".

How tall is Paul Tennis?

Paul Tennis is 6' 1".

Who can play tennis?

anyone can but you have to be a bit tall

How tall is an average tennis net?


Why do basketball players grow so tall?

it's not basketball players being tall, it's tall people playing basketball

How tall is the top of the net in tennis?

At the posts, tennis nets are 3' 6". In the center, 3'.

Do only tall people can play tennis?

NO! Everyone can play tennis! Adults and children NO! Everyone can play tennis! Adults and children

What is Martina Hingis height and weight?

Martina Hingis is one of the best female Tennis players of the 21st Century. Her weight is not listed, but she is 1.7 meters (5 ft 7 in) tall.

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